36 Husbands

November 15, 2020

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...super entertaining.
36 husbands

36 Husbands

Melanie Morningstar
Year: 2019
Director: Michael Glover

Christa Pasch, Roberta Bianchini, Nadine Nourney, Robyn Rosenkrantz, Frank Kallinowski, Enko Sanz, Sebastian Stegmann

Released: November 16, 2020
Running Time: 83 minutes
Worth: $14.00

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…super entertaining.

Let’s not use the old chestnut “quirky” to describe this film; let’s just say it’s super entertaining. It’s a good thing that Michael Glover wrote, directed and edited 36 Husbands because we have zero idea what a script would look like.

This sci-fi, time-travel-meets-James-Bond wonderfully entertaining film is a tad ridiculous, with a slight spine for a story, but just go with it. Don’t ask questions, don’t take it seriously. It’s not “the united federation of planets” sci-fi, but there is an indication from the very first scene that viewers should just go along for the ride. It’s more Spy vs Spy from Mad Magazine (if any reader remembers back that far), a pseudo homage to the absurd Charlie’s Angels in a very silly sort of way.

Where does this movie take us? Geographically, let’s not disclose the locations, that would give away too much of the film. Let’s just say that it starts in Paris (a shot of the Eiffel Tower gives that much away) and wanders around.

Christa Pasch, Roberta Bianchini and Nadine Nourney are fabulous as the three protagonists. The chemistry between them is magic, becoming increasingly clear as the story unfolds.

The baddies (hard to tell who are the goodies and who are the baddies, there is no backstory) are brilliantly played by Frank Kallinowski, Enko Sanz and Sebastian Stegmann.

Where are the goodies and the baddies getting messages from; the great beyond or closer to home?

This is certainly not Oscar calibre, but it doesn’t pretend to be. It’s just fun; go for it!




  1. Helen Arty Plumridge

    Well done to the “36 Husbands” crew from BRIGHT BLUE GORILLA. ***** We belly laugh all the way as the twisting and turning plot takes us in delightful ***** directions amid beautiful high energy colour and set/costume design.***** Stunning!!! The characters take us on a stunningly rollicking journey into many and varied places. *****
    Cheers …….. and my belly thanks you lol xxx

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