J-Law’s Seductive Superspy Gets Some History in the New Red Sparrow Trailer

January 9, 2018
"Every human being is a puzzle of need. You must become the missing piece and they will tell you anything."

Following on from yesterday’s TV spot, here’s another look at Red Sparrow, the upcoming espionage thriller that sees Jennifer Lawrence as a Russian agent trained to use sex and emotional manipulation as a weapon.

Judging from this latest trailer, Francis Lawrence’s film seems to be really leaning into that element over the usual run and gun, “I spent six weeks training in martial arts” action movie blather we get from this sort of genre fare, which feels rather transgressive at this point in history, if not down right dangerous.

There’s a rather heated conversation happening right now about the depiction of both the female form and female sexuality in pop culture – consider the furore over how Zack Snyder shoots Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, as opposed to Patty Jenkins’ framing of the same character. A movie where J-Law is forced to bone for the state in order to save her mother is either going to be incredibly provocative or incredibly tone deaf – there’s no middle ground on this one. We’ll reserve judgement until Red Sparrow flits into Australian cinemas on March 1, 2018.


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