Are You Ready For Sexy Herpes?

September 29, 2017
NSFW, obvs.

And here we have the trailer for Sexy Herpes, a fairly risque workplace comedy set in a sexual health clinic. The six part web series comes to us courtesy of co-creators Madeleine Dyer & Daniel Mulvihill and stars Genevieve Morris (Comedy Inc, No Activity), Zoe McDonald (Open Slather), Jay K. Cagatay (The Slots Comedy), Chloe NG (Neighbours), Rohan Nichol (Star Wars, Fools Gold) and Harriet Dyer (The Other Guy, No Activity).

Sexy Herpes encapsulates the things I love most about Aussie humour,” says executive producer Charlie Carman, “It’s utterly irreverent and self-mocking, but filled with heart. That’s the Aussie formula for comedy gold, and thanks to talented creators Madeleine Dyer and Dan Mulvihill, Sexy Herpes delivers on it in spades.”

The series was produced by Mad Dan Productions and Beyondedge, and every episode is now available on YouTube.


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