Are You Ready for the Return of Michael Myers? Jamie Lee Curtis Is.

June 8, 2018
"Hereditary is the horror movie of the year!" "Hold my knife."

We don’t know exactly what Laurie Strode has been doing since she last tangled with her murderous brother, Michael Myers, in the Halloween franchise, but it seems like she’s determined to have the upper hand in any future confrontations, as this brief teaser shows:

Fright fans will know that Curtis’ Strode was killed off in 2002’s (terrible, really) Halloween: Resurrection, but the new film, from David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, diverges from established continuity, ignoring everything post Halloween II from what we understand. That means we’re losing the pretty decent Halloween: H20, but y’know: omelets, eggs. This new iteration comes to us courtesy of the madmen at Blumhouse, and OG director John Carpenter is on board as executive producer and, crucially, composer.

Meanwhile, there’s also this:

New trailer tomorrow, folks. We can’t wait.

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