Rating The Greatest Movie Scenes Of All Time

August 19, 2022
Some moments in a film can imprint on the audience's heart and mind for various factors. It can be a plot twist, lead performances, visual effects, or background score. Ask any movie buff, and they can't agree more. Enthralling scenes from famous movies are one of the top reasons for their success.

So here’s a roundup of the ten greatest movie scenes that still have the potential to draw in more fans.

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Why So Serious?

(The Dark Knight)

Oscar-winning star Heath Ledger is one of those antagonists who grabbed more attention than Batman. His psychotic performance while executing a gangster with the dialogue “Why so serious?” will always be the

best acted movie scenes ever.

Head Delivered in The Box


The heartbreaking climax of this suspenseful movie revealed the murder of detective Mills’ wife as Somerset finds her head in the box. This action of the serial killer John Doe incited Mills to kill him. Hence, Doe succeeded in his plan to be punished for the sin of envying Mills’ life.

Red Sea Parting

(The Ten Commandments)

A freeze-framed exodus scene that portrayed powerful passages of the Old Testament is the best part of the movie. The stunning visual effects give chills when Moses divides the Red Sea into two to escape from the army of Pharaoh Rameses II.

First Conversation Between Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling

(The Silence of the Lambs)

Whoever loves this mind-chilling film, the credit goes to Hannibal Lecter for performing the role of the cannibal yet charming villain. When he said with vicious calmness, “I ate his liver with some fava beans,” to Clarice Starling, the dialogue only indicated a lot more gore would be there in the later part of the movie.

The Bike Chase Escape

(E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial)

Steven Spielberg is famous for directing the most epic movies of all time through intriguing scenes that etch forever in the viewer’s heart.

Human buddies helping an alien safely return to his home planet in E.T. is one of those iconic bike chase scenes. At the end, where E.T. hugs Elliot adds a perfect emotional touch to the climax. Not many sci-fi movies show such a simple yet forever memorable scene.

Carol Anne’s One-on-one Interaction With Ghosts


If you are a horror movie fanatic, play Poltergeist to watch some top movie scenes. Especially the ones where sweet little girl Heather O’Rourke communicates with ghosts through a static T.V. screen. Those flickering T.V. lights always give goosebumps to viewers. Besides, the line “They’re here” intensifies the uneasiness of the audience.

Spaghetti Kiss

(Lady and the Tramp)

Who says animation movies can’t leave a mark on the viewer’s mind?

The most loved scene is the dinner scene that sparked romance between Tramp and Lady, serenaded with a beautiful Bella Note song in the background. The adorable moment didn’t end here. It’s when two canine lovers accidentally kiss while eating the spaghetti from the same plate and looking at each other with puppy eyes (literally). You’ll end up saying aww!

Undoubtedly, Walt Disney delivers one of the best movie scenes ever!

Shower Scene


The 45-second shower scene with freaking violin background music is one of the greatest moments in cinematic history. A shadowy figure, stabbing, bloodstream, and screams of Marion Crane indeed leveled up the thrill. The nerve-racking scene will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A fun fact – Alfred Hitchcock used chocolate syrup as the “blood” while directing this famous scene.

Winning Hand After Hand

(Rain Man)

Starring superstar Tom Cruise, a fascinating part of this American drama movie is when he plays Blackjack along with his brother – played by Dustin Hoffman – who was good at numbers. As a result, he earns prize money of $86,000 on winning the bet to repay his debts.

Of course, this whole scenario of beating the odds is entirely different in real money online casinos. But the plot left a big smile on viewers’ faces seeing the lead winning the sweepstake.

Jack’s Death in Bone-chilling Water


Titanic has a fan base of another level due to many mind-boggling scenes. But the climax part not only emotionally influenced every watcher but also left an eternal doubt in everyone’s mind.

Wasn’t the floating raft that saved Rose’s life spacious enough to accommodate Jack too? Many argue there was room to fit him.

However, the death of Jack is also one of the best movie moments that people of every generation love. Indeed, it left a hole in the heart, but only to intrigue viewers to rewatch the iconic movie often.

Wrap Up

Numerous films from different genres can take your breath away by presenting some unforgettable scenes. The iconic scenes from the movies listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you come out of a movie theater, the best part eternally stays in mind.


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