A Quiet Place Gets a Final, Terrifying Trailer

April 3, 2018
John Krasinski's modern horror classic is almost upon us.

It’s always a fraught prospect to actually describe a horror movie or a thriller as genuinely scary because, as sure as the sun rises and the moon sets, bound to get some idiot in the comments who measures their manhood (it’s always a dude) by their inability to meaningfully engage with fiction offering the trenchant counterpoint, “lol no it isn’t lol”.

But screw that guy, who will probably still crop up here, because A Quiet Place is a genuinely thrilling, chilling cinematic experience that moves and plays with the audience in ways that only cinema can. It’s a modern classic of the genre, and an assured directorial debut from actor John Krasinski.

By now you know the drill: it’s a post apocalyptic scenario where the world has been utterly decimated by savage predators who hunt based on sound – making a loud noise is instant horrible death. Krasinski and his real-life partner, Emily Blunt, are holed up on a remote farm with their kids, having more or less adapted to the terrifying daily grind of living silently, but festering divisions in the old family unit – not to mention the fact that Blunt’s character is pregnant – mean the threat of instant, awful evisceration is looming ever closer.

A Quiet Place is in Australian cinemas from April 5, 2018.


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