The Punisher Trailer Says it’s Okay to Like Metallica Again

September 21, 2017
"Shoot on sight." "My pleasure."

If you had a dumb guy who was into comics on the periphery of your high school nerd clique, odds are good that his favourite character was The Punisher, and he owned a lot of Metallica t-shirts. The new trailer for Marvel/Netflix’s upcoming Punisher series recognises that dude, and indeed seems to have been made just for him.

All snobbery aside, the trailer fully acknowledges the reactionary, angry-at-the-world appeal of a character like Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) and leans right into it. Criminals killed your family? Kill all the criminals, and do it to a bitchin’ soundtrack. It’s fine to pretend we’re above all that – but we’re not. This thing looks like it kicks every ass it can find.

They’re still playing coy with the release date, but canny use of the freeze frame indicates that punishment happens in November 2017.

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