August 18, 2019

Dee McLachlan’s The Wheel to screen as Oz Comic-Con Original in Sydney and Brisbane in September, paving the way for a new way to connect with audiences.


Dee McLachlan’s The Wheel to screen as Oz Comic-Con Original in Sydney and Brisbane in September, paving the way for a new way to connect with audiences.

As people turn away from theatres, SunJive Studios are going right to where their audience is with The Wheel. Oz Comic-Con gets thousands of attendees, way higher than the numbers going to the cinema and provides a dynamic and powerful releasing opportunity for genre films like The Wheel.

“This is the way of the future for distribution. We are super excited to be part of Oz Comic-Con. It’s a huge release opportunity for us – straight to the film’s demographic and a totally new way of releasing directly to the audience in Australia, very much how Marvel connects to its audiences in the US. Oz Comic-Con is a huge multi-city event and we are so excited that The Wheel has been selected as an Oz Comic-Con original. It’s great news!” Veronica Sive, Producer.

The Wheel is designed to break Matt Mills (Jackson Gallagher), but after every trial his body recovers and becomes stronger – the fabricated nano-serum running hot through his veins. His entire being reaches sensory overload as he adapts. His emotional alteration is heightened by hallucinations, making him believe his daughter is within the confines of the facility. Even escape offers no end to Mills’ distress, as the nano-blood continues to flow through his body.

SunJive Studios present The Wheel, starring David Arquette and Jackson Gallagher. Shot at Docklands, Melbourne; this indie sci fi feature is action packed and gives audiences a taste of the talent our local filmmakers have on offer.

Directed by Dee McLachlan, best known for her critically acclaimed and awardwinning film The Jammed (2007), who applies her ground-breaking approach to push The Wheel into new territory, revealing McLachlan’s vision as a storyteller and marking the arrival of a new wave of Australian women’s sci-fi action filmmaking.

Alongside multiple screenings of The Wheel at Oz Comic-Con, there will be live international hook ups with David Arquette (Scream) and Q&A with Jackson Gallagher (Playing for Keeps), the opportunity to experience a Cyber Ninja sword stunt display by Jackie Murray (Diary of an Uber Driver) plus fandom photo opportunities as an Axel Combatant.

“Oz Comic-Con was built on the idea that we connect fans with pop culture. The opportunity to partner with SunJive to build up our local industry by showcasing amazing, locally produced, genre cinema like The Wheel is one that we couldn’t pass up.” Luke Lancaster, Oz Comic-Con Content Manager.

McLachlan’s work blends her unapologetically high-impact physical action aesthetic with high production values and emotional heart. In The Wheel, she weaves together the harrowing themes of greed, loss and humanity while questioning the blurring of ethical boundaries in the search for the next scientific breakthrough.

For McLachlan “it is about the dignity of humanity within systems that work directly against such qualities … yet at its core, the film is about a father’s unwavering love for his daughter when the odds seem unsurmountable.”

As a lead up to the Oz Comic-Con screenings, Q&A screenings will be held at Melbourne’s Lido Cinema on September 2nd featuring Dee McLachlan, renowned stunt coordinator Reg Roordink, cast member Christopher Kirby and moderated by Triple R’s Felicity “Flick” Ford, and in Sydney at the Ritz Cinema on September 4th with Dee McLachlan and expert martial artist and Producer Walt Missingham, where audiences will gain insights into the production of an indie action feature.

In cinemas September 2019

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