Callum (Takaya Honda), an author, meets Kate (Lily Brown Griffiths) and her friend Linda (HaiHa Le) while promoting his book. Kate is smitten, but Callum falls for Linda. At Linda’s shop, they discover anonymous love letters, propelling them on a quest to uncover the writers’ identities.

Actor, Takaya Honda (Neighbours) who plays the lead role of Callum has mentioned during its theatrical release, “The Gift that Gives has diversity but it’s not about diversity. I was attracted to this film because it’s an interesting blend of a rom-com and a whodunnit with rich and diverse characters. The script has some interesting twists and turns that don’t get caught in rom-com cliches.”

Actress HaiHa Le (Boy Swallows Universe) also enthused about being involved and explained that she loved the spirit in which the movie was made. “It takes a lot of courage and tenacity to set out to make a film and I wanted to be part of the ride. It also has a warm and positive message which I hope will resonate with audiences.”

Lex Marinos who starred in the iconic sitcom Kingswood Country in the 1970s, plays a character in this movie who delivers one funny line after the other. He highly commended Hopwood on the themes she explored in the script. “Human emotions like love, hope, and happiness are universal; they don’t belong to any one section of society,” he explained. “Working with a diverse cast and crew is very much what contemporary Australia feels like to me.”

The Gift that Gives is an award winner at New York International Women’s Festival.

Joy Hopwood has come a long way since her early days being a presenter on Play School. She embarked on her journey to filmmaking over 10 years ago also working as an actor in the ’90s and believes that diversity is an important element in filmmaking, both in front and behind the cameras. She is currently in post production for It’s Our Time, co-produced with Erica Long.

The Gift that Gives is a feel good film with life hacks which I hope the audience will take away with them after watching, as we come here on earth with nothing and will leave with nothing; it’s what we do in between that matters- making a difference in each other’s lives.”