THE FIRST ASIAN-AUSTRALIAN ROMANTIC-COMEDY Rhapsody of Love making Australian cinema history

May 26, 2021

Australia-wide cinema release with DENDY from 24th June 2021

THE FIRST ASIAN-AUSTRALIAN ROMANTIC-COMEDY Rhapsody of Love making Australian cinema history

Australia-wide cinema release with DENDY from 24th June 2021

The first Asian-Australian rom-com, Rhapsody of Love will be released through Dendy Cinemas Australia-wide starting 24th June 2021.

Helmed by Writer/Director/Producer Joy Hopwood and Producer Ana Tiwary, Rhapsody of Love recently had a successful World Premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival, where it was a festival favourite amongst the audience.

Starring Asian-Australians, Kathy Luu & Damien Sato, as it’s romantic leads and a key creative team of Asian heritage behind the film, this modern love story is a celebration of love, friendships and dreams – themes that everyone can relate to. It is a movie that is a warm bright hope in the current pandemic and #stopasianhate climate.

Rhapsody of Love is the interwoven story of three couples, who are at different stages in their lives, trying to follow their dreams, while navigating the ups and downs of romance. Besides presenting Asian characters in an authentic way, the film also touches on important themes such as anxiety and how friendship can help us get through tough times. With relatable and endearing characters, it is no surprise that the film is (jokingly) referred to as ‘Crazy Middle-Class Asians’.

Rhapsody of Love was made with such a spirit of fun and a celebration of independent filmmaking. Being the first Asian Australian rom-com, we knew we had something very special on our hands – something so entertaining, loving and joyful that we knew could lift people’s spirits” says the lead actor Kathy Luu.

Joy Hopwood, a former Play School presenter, continues to make waves in the film industry as a champion for independent cinema and diversity. She has made four feature films, Rhapsody of Love, The Script of Life and The Casting Game and is currently in post production for Get a Life, Alright. “A modern rom-com, Rhapsody of Love normalises Asian-Australians on screen. The characters fall in love, have their hearts broken, make mistakes, seek forgiveness and kiss, something we rarely see Asian characters doing on Australian screens”, says Joy Hopwood.

Producer Ana Tiwary says, “We are so thrilled and grateful to have Dendy Cinemas presenting our indie film on the big screen. Rhapsody of Love is a light-hearted film that lovers, friends as well as families can enjoy.”

To celebrate the cinema release, a Q&A with the director and the main cast will follow a special screening at Dendy Newtown at 6.45pm on the 24th of June. 

Rhapsody of Love will be screened at Dendy Cinemas from 24th June onwards. For session times please visit:

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