The story follows the adventures of Brit-Nay, a fame chasing Gen Z influencer hell bent on increasing her social media following so she can become Instafamous. When things don’t go as planned, she ends up being infamous instead.

Originally a short film, Insta Infamous played at numerous festivals gaining awards and attention. It was then developed into an 8 part series with each episode lasting 7-8 mins.

As with Stage Mums, the Qld based Massey family once again pool their talents to bring us this quirky 3D comedy. Created and animated by Stephen Massey, written by Anna Waters-Massey and Cleo Massey, all three also voice many of the characters. Joey Massey, Lisa Hughes, Sean Curran and Tara Page round out the cast list.

A self taught 3D animator, Stephen Massey has created a colourful world with detailed sets for the animated characters to inhabit. Fans of the Melbourne football club will be amused to find constant references to players in the detailed sets. The lead character, Brit-Nay is voiced by Cleo Massey (H20: Just Add Water, Bureau of Magical Things, Stage Mums).

With the younger generation seeking out bite sized content available on their phones, Sundayarvo Productions have targeted this demographic to bring them a fresh, comedic series with a distinctly Australian voice. Usually, this type of animated content is 2D cartoon style, but Sundayarvo Productions opens up a whole new world by creating Insta Infamous in 3D.

The entire series of 8 episodes is available to watch on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.