Phil Liggett Documentary in production – The Voice of Cycling

June 28, 2019

One of the world’s most iconic voices in sport, Phil Liggett, will have a documentary made about his life behind the microphone and dedication to his much-loved sport of cycling.

Phil Liggett Documentary in production – The Voice of Cycling

One of the world’s most iconic voices in sport, Phil Liggett, will have a documentary made about his life behind the microphone and dedication to his much-loved sport of cycling.

The international legend’s wit, colour and quirky ‘Liggetisms’ will be celebrated in The Voice of Cycling by the same people who brought us MAMIL (Middle Aged Men in Lycra).

The 75 year old, once amateur cyclist turned journalist, has witnessed every heroic triumph and harrowing tragedy over his 51 year career, covering 44 Tours de France and 15 Olympic Games. Amateur riders often say its Phil’s voice they hear in their head encouraging them up gruelling climbs. It’s the same voice that manages to convince a whole subculture of men and women to leave their partners in bed and congregate in the wee hours of the morning dressed in lycra. Liggett’s voice matters, it’s his commentary which guides the millions of cycling fans around the globe through the drama and excitement of the most competitive and gruelling cycling competitions.

“Little did I realise when I voiced MAMIL in 2018 that that would lead to a documentary on my life with the filmmaking team of Nick and Eleanor from Waterbyrd Productions.

“As we have been taping (in secret) various locations and scanning the archive I was not aware how full my life has been and how privileged I have been to be a part of this wonderful sport and pastime of cycling. Demand Film did a great job with MAMIL and I know that they can be trusted to handle my story and share it with the world,” said Phil.

The documentary is being filmed across a number of international locations where the most iconic cycling events take place, and thus are synonymous with Phil. They include France, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Melbourne and Adelaide. The ninety minute film will premier internationally in October 2020 and is set for major release in February 2021.

“I am a huge Phil Liggett fan!” said director Nicholas Bird. “I remember religiously watching the Tour De France in the ’80s as a teenager and always associating Phil’s voice with the most amazing and incredible memories of cycling history. Why? Because he was calling them. I can remember being 15 and riding my Cecil Walker to Mt Arapalies from Horsham and doing little sprints. I would pretend Phil was calling the race, which I, of course, was winning.”

“How Phil calls races makes him cycling royalty, and after meeting Phil whilst producing MAMIL, Eleanor and I thought a documentary about the history of cycling through Phil’s eyes would make fantastic viewing. Back then we didn’t realise that Phil’s story involves a lot more than cycling, and is far wider and bigger than that first idea and can reach a wider audience.”

The film will be distributed through the world’s largest cinema on demand service, Australia’s Demand.Film. Currently operating in eight countries and almost 3,000 cinemas, offers independent films an opportunity to be seen in cinemas by crowdsourcing an audience and filling up empty seats on the quietest nights of the week, allowing niche films to be enjoyed by interested audiences.

“Demand Film knows how to reach audiences and all I can ever ask as a filmmaker is to share our film with an audience. Working with Demand ensures our film will be enjoyed and shared by cycling audiences, something we think about every time before we shoot the first frame,” said Nicholas Bird.

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Phil Liggett: The Voice of Cycling is just one film that is in production for the world’s leading cinema on demand chain, it also has Peloton Against Plastic, a documentary following two guys as they cycle through South East Asia on a crusade to reduce single use plastic and a third cycling documentary in development Threshold, about the TIBCO-SVB female cycling team, a force to be reckoned with.