June 6, 2018

The Creators of JUST BETWEEN US pen an open letter to Australia, as it smashes Box Oce expectations and secures a second week of screenings.


The Creators of JUST BETWEEN US pen an open letter to Australia, as it smashes Box Oce expectations and secures a second week of screenings.

Dear Australia,
We don’t want to make you blush – you big beautiful country – but we want to say THANK YOU!
For those of you who don’t know us, we made JUST BETWEEN US; a movie that’s turned out to be ‘The Lil Indie That Could’ – all because you’ve come
out in hoards to watch it.
It would appear that we struck gold after word spread about the three sold out world premiere sessions in Melbourne, another successful screening in
Adelaide, & a limited release hosted by one of the biggest independent cinemas in the southern hemisphere – Cinema Nova, but these things don’t
happen over night.
Nearly 3 years ago, we started to tell this story of hope about two girls, a ghost and Torana, and we always knew it was going to be an enormous task.
Many told us along the way that without a big name like Hugh, Cate, Nicole or one of the Hemsworth brothers, audiences would unlikely take the
time to watch it at the cinema.
Add the smell of an oily rag to make up our budget and you’ve got a team of storytellers who wouldn’t take no for an answer.
It was the strength of conviction in the story & unwavering self-belief that saw the recognizable names: Clayton Jacobson (Kenny), Kaarin Fairfax
(Picnic at Hanging Rock), John Jarratt (Wolf Creek), Barry Morgan (Spicks & Specks) & the Henry Twins (Australia’s Got Talent) fall in love with the story
(in front and behind the camera). It also had them come to set, happy to help from the rst phone call. Slowly, more & more people started to take
In true Aussie spirit, we thought that because people believe we can’t, it is exactly why we need to tell this story.
We need to tell this story for all of you who laughed when life threw a stapler at us, when you remembered what it was like to miss that special
someone who is no longer with us, & for all of you who took a moment to celebrate life while watching.
We know, because we were there with you; in the years it took to make JUST BETWEEN US, in the cinemas where you were watching it, & in every
laugh, tear & smile you had.
Getting any movie o the ground is a remarkable feat, & when we said 3 states, 52 locations, thousands of extras & “It’s-a-road-trip-movie-
you-can’t-have-a-road-trip-without-a-John-Jarratt-cameo”, that feat (to many) seemed impossible. To us, it was the story that needed to be told, &
this is how we told it…
-When a multi-million-dollar location dropped out the week before, we stayed up making calls to secure an even better location. So, when you were
sitting in the cinema laughing & crying, you would have no idea the hurdles we went through to make it perfect for you.
-The greater community came on board to support with sponsorship; from locations to food. Even an entire women’s football team came on board
over 2 days; just to film 1 scene.
– Budget was spent where it would make the most dierence (primarily where it would be seen eg the penthouse location). So, there were no million
dollar trailers for cast, or caviar at the catering tent.
– In order to capture some of the scenic views of Australia such as the beautiful forest waterfall & Sydney skyline, the entire JUST BETWEEN US Cast &
Crew jumped into cars and did a version of the very road-trip seen on screen.
We could never have stopped making this movie, even if we tried. JUST BETWEEN US wanted to be made.
The clouds literally parted on a day that we needed it to. It had been a typical Melbourne day; raining, overcast & gloomy – but not even the weather
would stop us. When it came time to shoot the nal scene of the movie, sunset pink & crystal clear skies were all we had.
So, to the parents who got babysitters for the night, people who came after a long day at work, families who gave us 106mins of their precious
weekend together, mothers who brought their daughters, brothers who brought their sisters, friends who booked in bulk, & those who rocked up to
pick a movie to watch & decided to choose ‘Australian Made’ for the night, we THANK YOU. Because you’re the ones for whom we make movies, &
because of you JUST BETWEEN US – our “Lil Indie That Could” – now has a chance to reach the lives of many more.

2 Girls. A Ghost. And a Torana…The Unfinished Road-trip of a Lifetime: an unadventurous
people-pleaser and her childhood friend set o on a road-trip with the ghost of her late sister.
Invited as 1 of only 4 films accepted into the MIFF 37º South Market ‘Breakthru Screening Program’
in 2017, JUST BETWEEN US screened to some of the biggest names in lm acquisition and distribution,
worldwide. It successfully signed with Australian distribution giant Umbrella Entertainment,
and the producers are currently in talks for international sales.
The World Premiere in Melbourne sold out within hours; with a second and third Q&A Event Screening
selling out the month before its release. This success and demand from audiences prompted
Umbrella and Cinema Nova to give this “Little Indie that Could” a general release.
Conquering its first week at the Nova with box oce success, it continues its journey into the
second week of Screenings!