Grounded – new short thriller about to hit the festival circuit

August 23, 2021

In by Dov Kornits

A locally made film reflecting our modern fears is anticipating its premiere.
A locally made film reflecting our modern fears is anticipating its premiere.

Teasing out our deepest inner fears of isolation, Grounded reveals what it’s truly like to be completely alone in a place you would never expect to be. Filmed over a succession of two days, Grounded was shot in an old, decommissioned aeroplane located at Avalon Airport Victoria, so dated that it still had ashtrays in the armrests. The unique location set the scene for fear and suspense to flourish in this timely film about isolation.

An empty plane, all passengers departed, the crew having sealed the cabin. Hidden from sight and alone, a woman wakes to find herself trapped. The doors are locked, it’s dark, there’s no food or water – and it’s cold. She then hears footsteps. Something unseen is hunting her. Suddenly, her plight becomes not only to escape but to survive.

Grounded, made by Melbourne based Actor, Writer and Producer Josephine Croft (Before I Go, Larry the WonderPup) and local Director Jesse Richards (Where We Live, ANZ’s GAYNZ – winner at Cannes Film Festival) has received 5 nominations and finalist placements in esteemed festivals with the premiere still on the horizon.

The film started development in late 2019, and wrapped production in March 2021, facing many setbacks along the way due to the pandemic. Persevering through multiple Melbourne lockdowns, the crew of 15 managed to pursue the project to completion.

Contemplating the relevance of Grounded’s themes upon the world we live in today, Croft explained “I think after covid and lockdown this feeling will resonate with people a lot. There were many times during lockdown that I would walk down the street or go to the shopping centre, and it was like an apocalyptic zombie film, everything was eerily quiet. There’s nothing like the deafening silence of a place that is normally bustling with people.”

Hitting the film festival circuit in 2021 and continuing in 2022, Croft and Richards aspire to take the short thriller to a feature length version.

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