Written by and starring both Kaitlyn Boyé and Brendan Kelly, BREAK A LEG is a quirky, arthouse horror-comedy that introduces Patrick Flynn (Kelly), an aspiring actor (emphasis on aspiring), as he arrives at the audition of his career… Only to find himself locked in the theatre alongside fellow auditionee and disgraced child actress Molly McGrath (Boyé). After getting off on the wrong foot, Patrick and Molly are forced to confront their own egos and individuality, as strange happenings occur and the theatre’s playground of illusions and delusions cloud their outlook and beg the question of “what is real?”.

Over the course of the night, the pair must learn to embrace their differences and work together if they have any chance of making it out alive… But like, in a funny way.

“I believe in using filmmaking as a safe tool to explore my deepest burning questions, and through my work I endeavour to challenge personal belief systems and narratives and make a lasting impact whilst celebrating the fun and joy that comes with film,” Boyé says.

Kaitlyn Boyé directs in her feature film debut, known for her roles in Home and Away and horror films such as The Furies and Puzzle Box. Kaitlyn, who recently won Best Screenplay at Canberra Short Film Festival and Best Mid-Length Film at the Sydney Women’s International Film Festival for her film Straight On ‘Til Mourning, brings her vision to Break A Leg, crafting a self-aware narrative that cleverly dissects the artist’s burden within the entertainment industry in a perfect blend of comedy and tragedy, blurring the line between reality and illusion as is the nature of the theatre. The film also stars Brendan Kelly, fresh from his role as Colonel Rexroth in the upcoming mini-series The Narrow Road To The Deep North directed by Justin Kurzel and starring Jacob Elordi.

With principal photography wrapped, the team are now raising funds to get the film finished and in front of audiences. Donations can be made through the Australian Cultural Fund here.

Post-Production is expected to continue in Canberra over the next several months, and your generous donations will go towards hiring key post-production artists, editing tools and softwares, studio hire for ADR and foley, music licensing, festival fees, and more.

For more information and to keep updated with the process, follow @BreakALegFilm on Instagram and Facebook.