Celebrating the Joy & Diversity on the Big Screen

August 10, 2019

Australia’s biggest short film festival celebrating “joy” & “diversity” is back in Sydney for its sixth year.

Celebrating the Joy & Diversity on the Big Screen

Australia’s biggest short film festival celebrating “joy” & “diversity” is back in Sydney for its sixth year.

The annual Joy House Film Festival is being held at the Hoyts Mandarin Centre in Chatswood on Sunday 8th September at 4.30pm.

“I decided to create the Festival after hearing a friend lament the lack of diversity and uplifting films in many existing festivals,” said Joy Hopwood, Festival Director and NSW Diversity Representative at the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA).

“As a filmmaker I knew I had the power to help change that so, taking inspiration from my name, the Joy House Film Festival was born,” Ms Hopwood said.

In addition to Best Film, the Festival features awards for Best Diversity Film, Best Youth Film, Hoyts People’s Choice Awards and Best Women’s Film.

“We are proud to be a part of a festival that promotes joy and diversity,” said Melissa- Kate McCabe from Hoyts.

A number of Joy House Film Festival alumni have gone on to achieve international success including Jacob Frey and Markus Kranzler whose critically acclaimed animated short The Present led to careers at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios respectively. And Kathy Luu and Jeneffa Soldatic’s short film, Give me a minute, was a finalist in last year’s JHFF and was picked up by World Film Fair (New York) and GIPHY Film Festival and won best short film.

The judges for this year’s festival include writer/screenwriter/actor Alex Lykos and writer/screenwriter Alice Pung.

Joy House Film Festival is also supported by the MEAA’s Diversity Committee.

Screen Australia’s report Seeing Ourselves: Reflections on Diversity in TV Drama provides further information about the importance of diversity on Australian screens.

Films selected for this year’s Joy House Film Festival include:

  • The Elevator by Greg Glinear (USA)
  • Chalk by Navin Kumar (India)
  • I Dear by Fern Mei Sim (Student / Australia)
  • Primavera by Bruce Nicholson (USA)
  • Timeless by Nicholas Zakrajcek, ( student/youth/ Australia)
  • Nightlight by Jonathan De La Us (U.S. animation)
  • In the Sky by Graciella Cassel (USA)
  • Birds by Orlando Holmes ( kids/ Australia)
  • Recipe to Fall in Love on Valentine’s Day by Kathy Luu (Australia)
  • Someone Cares by William Pacquiao (kids/ Australia)

Tickets can be purchased through https://Joyhousefilmfestival.eventbrite.com.au

Joy was a former Play School presenter on ABC TV turned writer & filmmaker. Her feature films include The Script of Life where she made her directorial debut and won best Romance-Com at Amsterdam Film Festival in 2019 and The Casting Game as a writer / producer which won Best Australasian Film at World Film Fair (New York) in 2018. She’s currently in production with her third feature, Rhapsody of Love.

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