Production Begins on Australian SF Thriller, Quanta

February 27, 2017
Two scientists clash over an earth-shattering discovery in a new indie SF drama.

The team behind the low-budget SF feature, Arrowheadwhich we rather liked – are already moving forward on their next project, with the announcement that work has commenced on Quanta, a new sci-fi movie set in contemporary Melbourne.

Directed by debut feature filmmaker -and Arrowhead camera assistant – Nathan Dalton, Quanta stars Mark Redpath as George, a disillusioned physicist researching dark radiation with the help of a brilliant grad student, Tom (Antony Talia). As the official synopsis explains, “…the two scientists receive a mysterious signal from space containing an unprecedented amount of information about the universe. After a clash of ideals about how to unveil their findings, Tom secretly transmits the knowledge into himself. George is faced with a choice; sacrifice everything he has worked for, or risk losing Tom to the insanity that lies beyond the edge of discovery.”

The film was inspired by a minor existential crisis Dalton had. “I was struck with the realisation that after my grandkids are gone, no one will know I ever existed. So taking the old adage of ‘write what you know’, I decided to write about two scientists who are both seeking to be remembered but in vastly different ways. It was my
goal to create a memorable drama about relatable characters with heightened elements.”

The Raygun collective, the team behind Arrowhead, are supporting the project, with Ben Whimpey of Indiemax Productions acting as Executive Producer. The project is self-funded is principal photography is currently underway in Melbourne.

“Making a film as a first time director was going to take some ingenuity,” Dalton observed. “So I wrote something that was personal and achievable with the talent & resources I had available. I tied in pertinent themes and took inspiration from other  filmmakers who have created memorable films on a shoe-string budget.”

To keep up with Quanta, head over to the film’s Facebook page.



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