Prehistoric Adventure Alpha Makes a Strong Play for the Coveted “Worst Trailer of the Year” Award

July 30, 2018
Holy Christ, who signed off on this?

Okay, who wore it better? Here’s the trailer for Alpha that came out almost exactly a year ago (July 18, 2917):

And here’s the one that landed in our inbox this very morning:

Hoo boy.

Originally scheduled to hit Antipodean cinema screens back in March, Alpha, the new film from Albert Hughes (who co-directed Menace II Society, Dead Presidents, and more with his brother, Allen) has been pushed back until September 27 and, based solely on how they’ve pivoted their marketing angle, seems to have undergone some major retooling.

Gone is the serious, epic, slightly overwrought “boy becomes a man” mood, in comes an overly literal, on-the-nose voice-over, a weirdly inappropriate upbeat tone and, damningly, Imagine fucking Dragons.

Holy hell, who thought that was a good idea?

To be fair, this may just be a panicked marketing department trying a Hail Mary pass to get Alpha into the forebrains of the mainstream. The film, which sees Australian Kodi Smit-Mcphee as a Ice Age hunter who bonds with a wolf after he is separated from his tribe, doesn’t really smack of “surprise cross-over hit”; probably the best it can hope for is “niche classic ignored by most but absolutely beloved by those whose buttons it presses” (Jean M. Auel fans, most likely).

Perhaps we’d best just watch the first trailer again and pretend this latest effort doesn’t exist, yeah? And hope that whatever changes have been wrought on Hughes’ prehistoric epic don’t extend beyond the advertising.


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