Poster Reveal: Two Heads Creek

October 21, 2019
Premiering at Monster Fest, the pointed Australian comedy/horror written and starring a Brit, reveals poster ahead of cinema release.

“Australians don’t mind laughing at ourselves but this was a chance to point a finger while laughing, and really spotlight some ugly stuff about ourselves while still having a great time,” says director Jesse O’Brien about Two Heads Creek, his anticipated follow up to his impressive feature debut, the sci-fi Arrowhead, which was released by Sony in 2015.

Two Heads Creek is written by Jordan Waller (Darkest Hour, Victoria) who also stars as a twin (with scene stealer Kathryn Wilder), who both travel to nowheresville Australia after discovering that they were adopted. What they find here are loads of hidden secrets and batshit crazy yokels – plus a handful of sensible people. Oh, and did we mention there’s heaps of OTT splatter gags? The Aussie cast includes Helen Dallimore, Gary Sweet, Kevin Harrington, Don Bridges, Stephen Hunter and Kerry Armstrong.

Watch out for the outrageous trailer, which will drop tomorrow.


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