The Most Popular Gambling Movies Of All Time

October 9, 2019
With so many classic titles out there, it can be difficult to limit your list to just a few movies. However, these next few recommendations have been hand-picked by Jack Harris at as the very best gambling movies of ALL time. No matter if you are more interested in gambling in general or casino hijacking, you will find it all in this list!

The Ocean’s Series

Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen are by far some of the most popular and highly praised casino-related blockbuster movies of all time. Ocean’s Eleven introduces us to the story of Danny Ocean and 11 of his accomplices who decide to rob not one, not two, but three casinos in Sin City – all at the same time. Add George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon to the cast and you should understand why the first movie alone won the ALMA award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, along with the BMI Film Music Award or the National Board of Review award, to name just a few. Players who are passionate about casino security and high-tech, in general, will enjoy watching the series and they will also be reminded of why online gambling might be the better alternative in terms of safety and convenience. Ocean’s Eight starring Sandra Bullock and Rihanna in the female version of the series in 2018 is definitely worth checking out.

Casino Royale

Starring Daniel Craig and directed by Martin Campbell, this James Bond masterpiece follows our favourite 007 agent as he chases and ultimately takes down yet another villain in the person of Le Chiffre, a passionate poker player. The Monte Carlo scene is memorable and hard to forget once you’ve witnessed it: it’s a fully blown showdown at the felt when 007 takes on his Le Chiffre in an all-or-nothing game of poker. The game is played at a mind-blowing speed that will leave even the most seasoned poker players jealous, while Eva Green is looking more gorgeous than ever. We guarantee you will be dropping your jaw at the scene.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

If you are more into biographical movies with a gambling theme, this is it. Stuey (Stu Ungar) is played by Michael Imperioli who pulls off a historical role. He plays the highroller famous for being the only poker player to have managed to win three WSOP Main Event tourneys. If you are curious to witness the breakdown of a poker winner who used to have it all and his struggle through ups and downs, you will enjoy this recommendation. Stu eventually ends up losing all of his money on horse race betting and the movie introduces viewers to the dramatic fall of this historical player.

Keeping the balance, playing responsibly and knowing when to stop are the pillars of good, safe and healthy gambling. The movie can be used as an inspirational title for people who are having a hard time stopping when they lose all their bankroll – but instead keep pushing for that one shot that would bring them back all the lost money. Another valuable lesson that the movie teaches us is to keep persevering until you reach your goals. If you have a passion for poker, you should keep practicing and improving your skills until you reach the desired level of experience. Online poker rooms are excellent locations that allow you to play on the go, while on the bus or subway commuting to work every day or whenever you have some free time to spare.

The Cooler

Directed by Wayne Kramer, William H. Macy plays the role of a ‘cooler’. Namely, a man with such bad luck he is hired by casinos to stand at gamblers’ tables when they are on a hot streak. The luck of each of these lucky punters completely changes every time the cooler is sharing their table, and the house edge is restored. Throughout the movie, the fortune of the cooler changes unexpectedly and he is turned into the lucky charm of all players in Las Vegas. Definitely a fun gambling movie to watch, especially if you are a big fan of lucky charms and superstitions.

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