Plans: New Queer Web Series Launches Steamy Trailer

June 23, 2017
Upcoming Australian web series follows trend of queer stories finding a place online.

Independent Australian video producers Diana Popovska and Luke Wood announced this week that their new queer web series, Plans, will be released worldwide on YouTube on July 2, 2017.

Plans follows a group of seven diverse characters during a particularly dramatic week of their lives. It is the latest in a trend of online content depicting queer stories.

“Queer people deserve to see themselves on screen in honest and diverse ways, and I am proud to say that our series offers that opportunity,” said Popovska, a writer/director and co-star on Plans.

The series was created by Popovska and Wood in conjunction with Peter-William Jamieson with no external funding. Plans came out of a need from the filmmakers and artistic collaborators behind the show to see more diverse stories on Australian screens.

It follows multiple other web series that have seen the internet as an opportunity to depict queer stories, including Starting from… Now!, a popular Australian-made series about the lives of a group of lesbian women in Sydney. After completing its fifth season last year, the series’ YouTube channel had over 20,000 subscribers, over 5 million views and a loyal international following.

Plans is a queer positive show, containing characters of various sexual orientations,” Popovska said. “It was incredibly important that we acknowledged that each character had their own desires. This allowed us to focus the stories on the complexities between individuals navigating their way past heartbreak to a place of vulnerability rather than making it about their sexual orientation.”

“I was excited to work on a project that was dealing with issues all across the board,” said Rahel Romahn (The Combination, Down Under, The Principal), who plays the main character Zia in Plans. “Going beyond the stereotypical and delving into deep universal issues that we can all relate to as human beings. Diversity to me is like an orchestra. Each culture represents a different sound and rhythm, so the question becomes, should we go watch and listen to ten people play the piano? Or should we… listen to a piano, flute, cello, violin, trumpet, etcetera? I think I know what I prefer.”

The first of seven episodes of Plans premiere on Sunday, July 2, with subsequent episodes released each Sunday.

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