The Overboard Remake Slips into Cinemas This Thursday

July 10, 2018
Yeah, it snuck up on us, too.

The usual gang of idiots screaming about gender- and race-flipping have been notably silent about the new remake of Overboard, which could be seen as supporting evidence that their shrieking is about the art, not the progressive politics (spoiler alert – it’s not), but actually alludes to the likelihood that the people most likely to blow a gasket when their faves are being rejigged take in an incredibly narrow bandwidth of art.

Which is not to say the 1987 Overboard, which starred Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn and was directed by Garry Pretty Woman Marshall, is Art with a capital A, but it was a not too shabby movie from the hallowed ’80s, and we’re inclined to think it has slipped beneath the radar mainly because as a romantic comedy it’s what the unwoke call a “chick flick”, whereas frickin’ Ghostbusters is apparently serious men’s business.

But we digress. Here’s Overboard 2018! Anna Faris steps into the Kurt Russell role as Kate Sullivan, a single mother of three who sees her opportunity for ironic revenge when Leonardo Montenegro (Eugenio Derbez), the rich asshole who threw her off his yacht, fronts up with amnesia, and proceeds to convince the addled plutocrat that a) they’re married and b) he needs to work three jobs to support their family. Class-conscious calamity ensues. Eva Longoria and John Hannah co-star.

It looks decent enough. Faris is always game for a laugh and in this dark year of our lord 2018, watching rich people suffer is always a crowd-pleaser. If they manage to make something out of the new gender and racial paradigms, even a little thing, then that’s an absolute score for a modest comedy. Colour us interested.

Overboard sails into cinemas this Thursday, July 12, 2018.

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