One Less God Wins Best Picture at Byron Bay Film Festival

October 17, 2017
Lliam Worthington's terrorism drama continues to win plaudits.

Writer and director Lliam Worthington’s debut feature, One Less God, was been feted at the Byron Bay Film Festival, winning Best Picture ahead of Greg McLean’s Jungle, Van Gogh doco Loving Vincent, music documentary Rumble: The Indians That Shook the World, punk memoir An American in Texas, documentary City of Joy, and the drama Lies We Tell, starring Harvey Keitel and Gabriel Byrne.

Based on the Mumbai terror attacks, the film follows both hostages and terrorists over the course of the three-day siege in the Taj Mahal Hotel. A multicultural Australian cast are featured, including Joseph Mahler Taylor, Mihika Rao, Kabir Singh, SukhRaj Deepak, Kieran Kumar, Martelle Hammer, Nathan Kaye, Reilly O’Byrne-Inglis, Igor Kreyman, Joseph JU Taylor, Quentin Yung, Nicole Fantl, Jan Langford-Penny, Philip RK John, Kaliopi Eleni and Rhavin Banda, while the film’s dialogue is inspired in parts by transcripts taken from the actual event.


J’aimee Skippon-Volke, the festival’s director, said,  “Byron Bay Film Festival was proud to have the opportunity to host One Less God’s first homeground screenings. An outstanding debut, which walks its own path, the film was an absolute hit with our audience, sparking debate, passionate commentary and heartfelt appreciation.”

“I wanted to craft a story that walks the line between the minefields of demonisation and apologetics, and offer a genuine movement towards greater humanism and compassion,” Worthington said of his film. “With subject matter so dark and harrowing, that’s a very difficult path to find, but with all that is taking place in the world right now, it’s become ever more vital that we find ways to help immunise our societies from those who seek to pull us towards either extreme. I think it’s always been one of the duties of the arts, to help us find the road less travelled in our conversations, and I believe that’s what we’ve done and why the responses we’re getting from audiences are so strong.”


One Less God will be in Australian cinemas in November courtesy of Umbrella Entertainment.

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