Now Chris Hemsworth’s in on This Dundee Nonsense

January 23, 2018
That's not a trailer, etc and so forth...

The internet was ablaze over the weekend with hot takes and heavy theorisin’ vis-a-vis the trailer to the awkwardly titled Dundee: the Son of a Legend Returns Home, which purports to be the upcoming continuation of the once great, now a bit sad*, really, Crocodile Dundee franchise.

The notion of Danny McBride playing the American son of Paul Hogan’s Mick Dundee offended the sensibilities of some overly patriotic ‘Strayans, while more sober minds simply wondered if this thing was real – surely they couldn’t have shot this thing on the sly? (Well, not with Screen Australia money, they couldn’t).

On the pro side, the name Rimfire Films is in the credits -the original Crocodile Dundee production company. On the con: every other thing. But now here comes a second promo featuring Strongest Avenger Chris Hemsworth doing a bit of business with McBride’s fish out of water prodigal son.

Look, the smart money (meaning our money) is on this being some kinda tourism campaign that’ll peak when the Super Bowl hits, shot on the quiet when McBride was in Australia shooting Alien: Covenant. But we could be wrong. Stay tuned.

*Did you see the third one? Holy hell.



  1. Mitchell Hall

    Interesting! One thing on the pro side to. It’s budget is listed as $30 Million dollars and i don’t think Paul Hogan films have ever used Screen/Film Australian government money.
    Con: How did they keep this secret if it’s a film?

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