No Body Lives Forever in the New Altered Carbon Trailer

December 13, 2017
When you're immortal, being murdered really sucks.

In the latest look at Altered Carbon, Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi noir, James Purefoy’s Laurens Bancroft narrates the story of his life, along the way explaining how the series central conceit – that human consciousness can be saved via technology and “re-sleeved” in a new body, allowing effective immortality – along the way. Pretty cool, huh?

You really should read the book by Richard Morgan, because it’s an absolute blast, but in case your To Read pile is a monument to delayed gratification, here’s the juice: in the year 2384, on an alien planet, Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman/Will Yun Lee) a former elite soldier, is resurrected and tasked with solving the murder of a ridiculously wealthy plutocrat (the aforementioned Purefoy). If he solves the case, he gets to live again in a new body. If he fails? Given the sort of tortures that can be inflicted on an effectively immortal consciousness, that’s really not an option. And so we’re off and running on a twisty murder mystery, with plenty of cool tech, philosophical musings, and stunning violence in the mix.

Altered Carbon lands on Netflix on February 2, 2018.

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