The New Short Unnatural Challenges Your Powers of Empathy

January 12, 2018
Chinese-Australian filmmaker Amy Wang forces the viewer to adopt the point of view of a man many would consider a monster.

There’s challenging, and then there’s challenging, and then there’s “told from the point of view of an 18 year old pedophile”. Amy Wang’s new short, Unnatural, will shortly make its world premiere at France’s Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in February. The film made the grade against 8696 short film submissions – one of only 73 films to be chosen.

Blaine Maye stars as James, a young man recently moved to a new town to escape his past, while Anna Maiche is Izzy, his new neighbour who slowly uncovers his secret. Wang writes and directs, while Autumn Wattlington produces.

Wang was inspired to make the film by an article written by a 19 year old pedophile. “I wanted to explore what it was like for a teenage pedophile – still figuring out your identity and at the same time dealing with these horrible thoughts. The core of the film is about hating who you are,” she says. “Being a Chinese-Australian filmmaker has been difficult for me. Growing up in a culture that was so inherently different from my ethnicity made me hate who I was. I saw people from Caucasian backgrounds and envied how easy life was for them. I yearned to be ‘normal’ and to be accepted by my peers. I am making this film because I want people to see others as human; not a caricature or negative stereotype of their sexuality or their ethnicity. Through understanding and compassion do we grow as a culture and become better people?”

Keep track of the film at the official website.

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