New Australian Series: Let’s Dee-Brief

May 7, 2018
Coming at you from inner-city Melbourne is an un-apologetically honest female-driven dramedy series that you will want to binge.

Dee-Brief is a nine-part drama/comedy series that follows the story of Dee (Alex Hines) and Kate (Chloe Martin). When Dee ends a long-term relationship, she moves in with Kate, and the series focuses on how they navigate through life in their late twenties, and learn stuff. Kinda like Girls, but set in Melbourne, right?

Dee-Brief tells a universal story. Girl breaks up with boy and moves in with best friend,” says Director, Sarah Hickey “Yet we are telling it through a different lens. We’re not drafting clown-like characters, what we’ve done is try to create circumstantial comedy. Comedy that makes you laugh or smile because it makes you say ‘oh yes, I’ve been there before’.”

Creator/co-writer Jessica Pearce adds: “Sarah and I believed that life has its own innate comedy. In the way you all sit around with your friends laughing about life. It’s this reality we captured through the honest and beautiful friendship between Dee and Kate.”

But that’s enough from the creators, how about checking out the trailer.

Dee-Brief will broadcast weekly on Channel 31 from Monday 14th May and Youtube via the channel:

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