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New Aussie RomCom The Casting Game Celebrates Diversity.

July 21, 2017
Australian film The Casting Game is bringing diversity to the rom-com world in new ways with a leading lady portrayed by someone who uses a wheelchair and tells the story of four characters of different ethnic backgrounds

The Casting Game is an ensemble piece that highlights the journeys of a group of unconventional actors trying to make it big in Sydney, an Asian-Australian family trying to make a visiting relative feel at home with Might-T-mite and meat pies, and a seemingly ill-fated love.

“In our current modern society, I feel that it’s driven by ego, self-importance and over evaluation, this film takes us on a journey and reminds us, in a subtle way, what it’s like to step in other people’s shoes from all walks of life and to be mindful of others,” said writer and producer Joy Hopwood. “I feel that’s what our society is missing – mindfulness and humility. My aim is to entertain people yet bringing that sense of community back into our society, which I feel is desperately missing.”

The love story is that of Gary, a bricklayer that only dates models, and Sarah, a radio producer who uses a wheelchair. When Gary’s friends dare him to go on a date with the next girl who comes by, Gary asks Sarah, played by Stacey Copas, on a date.

The opportunity to write a film with diversity at the forefront inspired Hopwood to create The Casting Game. Hopwood sits in the Equity Diversity Committee as N.S.W.’s representative and has previously written about diverse Australian lives. The film highlights the lack or representation of disabled people and people from non-Anglo Celtic backgrounds on Australian screens.

“When Joy asked me to act in her film at our first meeting together I couldn’t believe what an amazing an opportunity it was and I pretty much jumped at the opportunity right away,” said Copas. “I’m passionate about everyone getting an equal opportunity and I’m so inspired by Joy and the whole team who have poured blood, sweat and tears into getting the project off the ground. Our camaraderie and joint purpose on set can definitely been seen in the final edit. I’m really proud of The Casting Game; it’s a beautifully told story which everyone will be able to relate to.”

The film is from director Pearl Tan and written Hopwood, an ex-Play School presenter and diversity activist, and Priya Roy.

The Casting Game will premiere at the Joy House Film Festival on 10 September.

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