Netflix’s Atypical Gets a Pretty Typical Trailer

July 19, 2017
That's a pretty solid cast, though.

At first sniff Atypical seems like every other coming of age high school dramedy, except for the intriguing premise indicated by its title. Netflix’s new series focuses on Sam (Keir Gilchrist – United States of Tara, It Follows), a teen on the autism spectrum, as he navigates the usual pitfalls of adolescence. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport are on hand to play the parentals, while The Guild’s Amy Okuda crops up as Sam’s counselor.

The question is, will Atypical be able to tackle its subject matter with wit and empathy, or will it err on the side of mawkishness (always a risk with this sort of thing)? We find out on August 11, when the eight eps of the first season drop.


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