The Mile 22 Trailer Looks Utterly Generic, and then Iko Uwais Shows Up

May 16, 2018
Seriously, if you haven't seen The Raid, go remedy that now.

Mile 22 marks the fourth collaboration between Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg following Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon, and Patriots Day. At first taste it seems like yet another hyper-patriotic, nigh-fascistic actioner ala American Assassin, with Marky Mark playing a member of the sort of black ops team that routinely populates these things, a squad who “get the job done” and other euphemisms for ignoring due process and rules of engagement in service to the flag.

And then Iko Uwais shows up, and your interest levels immediately spike.

For the uninitiated, Uwais is the star of The Raid, The Raid 2, and the underappreciated Beyond Skyline. The Indonesian penkat silat master even had a small (and rather wasted) role in The Force Awakens. Basically, his presence ensures that we are gonna see some serious shit here. If you haven’t seen The Raid, fix that immediately; it’s one of the best action movies ever made.

The plot, such as it is: “Wahlberg stars as James Silva, an operative of the CIA’s most highly-prized and least-understood unit. Aided by a top-secret tactical command team, Silva must retrieve and transport an asset (Iko!) who holds life-threatening information to Mile 22 for extraction before the enemy closes in.”

That’s cool – for an action flick, simplicity of story is an asset more often than not. But honestly, the best thing is gonna be Wahlberg trying to convince us he’s tougher than Uwais. I mean, come on

Mile 22 is in cinemas from August 16, 2018.

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