Marvel at the Glory of the Full Trailer for The Disaster Artist

September 13, 2017
Worth it for Franco doing Wiseau doing Brando.

Well, here it is, the full trailer for The Disaster Artist, James Franco’s adaptation of Greg Sistero’s book about the making of Tommy Wiseau’s inexplicably popular anti-movie, The Room.

It looks pretty good.

If nothing else, it’s surprisingly affectionate – while it’s easy to make fun of Wiseau’s obliviousness (and the trailer does, at length) this comes across as a portrait of an oddball friendship more than the snide work it so easily could have been. The bond between Wiseau (James Franco) and Sestero (Dave “brother of James” Franco) is as palpable as their clear lack of any kind of discernible acting or filmmaking talent. If that tone is maintained throughout the film, it’ll be better than we had any right to expect.

The Disaster Artist is in cinemas from November 30, 2017.

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