Indonesian-Set Indie Actioner Message Man Looks the Business

March 7, 2018
Hitman vs pirates!

Well, this just looks brutal as all hell. From Australian director Corey Pearson comes Message Man, a low budget, high impact action saga set and shot in Indonesia.

Home and Away‘s Paul O’Brien stars as a retired (temporarily, at least) hitman who is forced to strap on the guns once more when the Indonesian family he’s befriended are menaced by modern day pirates. Carnage ensues.

“I’m very proud of what we achieved with Message Man. It’s not just a shoot-’em up, or cut-’em up film. There’s a strong story holding it all together and some great character driven moments,” says Pearson. “Like every film, we had our fair share of challenges. We spent many days shooting in remote locations with extreme weather, language barriers and a few hospital visits but it was all worth it.”

Message Man is screening in select Australian cinemas from March 8, 2018. For more info, shoot (or stab, or kick) over to the official site.




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