Indie Superhero Feature Film Commences Shoot in Melbourne

January 11, 2019
Long Night in Pexington will mark the feature debut of writer/director Matt Williams.

“Since I was a kid I’ve loved comic books,” says writer/director Matt Williams in his director’s statement. “Marvel to DC to everything outside and between, I’ve been, and remain, a massive fan of the medium. As comics began to more successfully transition into film I’ve had a lot of fun watching their adaptations on the big screen.

“But just as in comics proper, as much as I’m a fan of the A-List characters I’ve been much more intrigued by the plots and plights of the Bs, Cs, and so on. I really love the stories of the little guys, the underdogs, the misfits among misfits. I’ve always found their stories to be not only much more interesting but often much more accessible. As far as comic/fantasy settings go, they are, in my mind, often by far the most relatable characters.

“But sadly, I’ve found that’s it’s specifically these characters whose story is not often told. So I decided it was time to tell one. I wanted to really get into the question: what would the world – more directly our own world – look like if some of these comic book elements truly did exist? What forms would they take? How would they (more realistically) manifest and/or integrate into our everyday lives? I wanted to make a movie that explored this in as grounded and relatable a way as possible. How would you or I, as everyday people, navigate a world in which some of these things were an everyday concern? I wanted to explore a world that was much more recognisable to everyday people – a comic world in which everyone could much more easily imagine themselves living in.”

Producing the film are Williams, Vikki Blinks, and the film’s production designer Stephen Wolf, plus Reel Merit Films’ Matthew Goldsworthy and Julian Barbor, who made Marital Problems in 2017. Cinematography is by Johnny Sacco and Key Makeup artist, Shonal Kumar will design the prosthetics and practical effects for the film.

In the cast are Adam Schmerl, Abigail King, Siobhan Connors, Sunny S Walia, Matt Hadley and Steven Tankard, with an appearance by Scott Major.

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