Aussie Indie SF Blue World Order Gets an Apocalyptic Trailer

October 10, 2017
Billy Zane has a katana. Your argument is irrelevant.

Blue World Order kind of feels like something you might have seen on VHS back in the ’90s, and we mean that in the best possible way. It certainly wears its influences on its sleeve, coming off with a very Mad Max vibe that isn’t just down to the presence of the great Bruce Spence in the cast, sharing the screen with the likes of Jack Thompson, Billy Zane and Stephen Hunter, with Jake Ryan in the lead.

As the somewhat vague official synopsis tells us, “After a nuclear war decimated the northern hemisphere, the surviving population in the south become desperate and violent competing for scarce resources. Society crumbles and an infectious bacteria threatens to destroy those who remain.

“In an attempt to rebuild civilisation, a self-appointed government called ‘The ORDER’ distributed an immunisation to the bacteria, via a massive Electro-Magnetic  Pulse (EMP). Secretly, the Order also delivered a bio-tech virus through the EMP, giving them power to control the population.

One man remains immune to the Order’s virus – Jake Slater. Now Jake scavenges the wasteland searching for a way to keep his unconscious daughter alive, unaware she is the last child on Earth, and the key to the survival of mankind.”

Director Che Baker promises an absolute cavalcade of fun, including “…laser battles, car chases, loads of science… and a Delorean.” the latter presumably belonging to author and Executive Producer Matthew Reilly (Ice Station, Scarecrow, etc and so forth). Sounds like our kinda jam. Blue World Order is being rolled out in selected cinemas from November 14 – keep track of everything over on the official site.


  1. Why?

    Why do Australian Sci Fi films always look like the high quality student films. Poor Billy Zane.

    1. Roger Bolton

      They have to work with the budget they have, Hollywood flicks and even the most recent Mad Max have almost 100x the budget that this would have had.

    2. Thomas Maxwell

      Those that wanna throw stones and criticise – let’s see you do better with the budget and limitations Aussie filmmakers have to content with.

  2. Rob Carlton.

    Hi why!
    The response above is correct. The key will be to watch the film. A trailer can’t capture the best parts of an indie sci fi film. Che Baker, the director, has already pulled off a coup in assembling a brilliant cast and getting a theatrical release. I can’t wait to check out the film and see what he’s done. I reckon there will be some surprises.

  3. Why

    Thanks for your responses. Well applause is due for stretching the budget.

    However the disturbing opposition to that is the calibre of fan films on YT that equal or surpass elements of this trailer made by DIY film makers. In the last year alone there was amazing Starwars, Joker and Superman Vs Batman fan films by up and budding film makers who’s quality is like a Hollywood film. Check out UF Uh Oh shot on a canon camera and Haubted House by Film Riot shot on mini Alexa.

    I’d love to support the film by watching as mentioned but man, making a trailer look good is the easiest part. Just feel like Australia seems ambitious some times but kinda still behind? Is this a financing thing?

    1. Jason Archer

      Making a short film and a feature film are worlds apart. Personally I feel these filmmakers deserve a standing ovation even starting and finishing a project like this. This is a first time feature, made for a tiny budget. I’m sure the catering department of an average American film has a better budget then this one. Rather than go for something small like a micro budget horror with a couple of actors, they’ve really gone for it. Sci-fi, special effects, choreographed martial arts and a large cast and even some internationals in the mix. All in an Australian film. Just wow. This my friend is old school go for broke filmmaking, with the kind audacious ambition that you just don’t see anymore. This is young George Lucas, John Carpenter kind on ambition. I wish them the best of luck.

  4. Why?

    I prefer Australian horror, you guys gave us James Wan and the Babadook. Polished movies that feel right.

    This trailer just made me cringe, the acting and accents alone make you cringe.

    The issue with making films is that no one cares what effort went into it or the budget, if it’s distracting in any way, you just don’t buy into it and switch off 5 mins in. Although great for your industry and community that it was completed, I wish everyone involved a fruitful career and the recognition they all deserve for effort and tenacity.

    Australian films that aren’t funded by major studios or OS always look … Australian. like you know if it’s bad acting and bad accents you know by default it’s Australian.

    As for shorts, the Superman and Batman one was nearly half an hour, and funnily enough I just looked them up, and they are Australian… that’s thrown me.

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