Hugh Too? Jackman’s in This Dundee Thing Now

January 29, 2018
In this sort of thing, suit = villain.

As we surmised last week, this whole Dundee debacle, wherein American comedian Danny McBride plays the American son of Paul Hogan’s iconic bushman, Mick “Crocodile” Dundee, is almost certainly not an actual movie, but a Tourism Australia ad campaign, and a remarkably successful one at that. And it’s certainly bringing some star power to bear on the task of luring Americans into the gunsights of Mick Taylor: not only has Chris Hemsworth featured, but now The Greatest Showman himself, Hugh Jackman, has cropped up. Behold:

Who’s showing up next? Kidman? Wenham? Brown? Weaving? We’ll stay up all night with this story if we have to.

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