The Hotel Artemis Trailer is Basically John Wick in a Hospital

April 17, 2018
...but with added Jeff Goldblum.

Riffing on John Wick‘s enjoyably cartoonish “underground criminal society” deal, Hotel Artemis sets its action in a near-future off the books hospital for the outlaw class run by Jodie Foster’s steely Nurse. After a botched robbery, Sterling K. Brown hauls his wounded brother (Brian Tyree Henry) there, only for it to come under siege by evil crime lord, the Wolf King (modern day avatar of kooky cool, Jeff Goldblum!). You can imagine what happens next, but it’s the singer and not the song in this kind of situation.

This looks like a near-perfect B movie. Add in an eclectic ensemble cast  – Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Kenneth Choi, Zachary Quinto, Sofia Boutella, and Dave Bautista – some well-executed violence and a tone that seems to understand the difference between “knowing” and “self-parody” and we are there.

This is writer and director Drew Pearce’s first feature, but his CV is tight: he co-created the British superhero sitcom No Heroics, had a hand in the writing of Iron Man 3 and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and wrote and directed the Marvel One-Shot, Hail to the King. Hotel Artemis is getting a North American theatrical release on June 8 – no word of an Australian date yet, but you should be able to get it up in your grill in some form or another not too long after that.

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