Same Same: Hit US-made Web Series created by Australians

October 23, 2018
You may need to leave Australia and make something for the under-represented to make it.

“We found ourselves, three Aussies, living in New York City wanting to make something that explored modern-day social lives. Samesex marriage had already been recognised in the USA at the time of filming but not in Australia. We wanted to tell stories that would reflect this lgbtq life and also explore how technology has changed the world of finding love and making friends. Same Same is an authentic portrait of a modern-day queer life, especially the lives, loves, and culture around Brooklyn and NYC that we lived in and sought to explore.”

That’s Same Same producer, writer  co-director and actress Stephanie Begg, who along with series creator, producer, co-director and star Lauren Augarten and co-director, editor and producer Josh Mawer have made the 12-episode web series officially described as ‘the story of Emily, Aviva & Sam, three queer women figuring out how to live their lives under the changing timetable for adulthood and the ever-evolving world of dating. Aviva just came out in her mid-twenties and doesn’t know a single lesbian. Sam’s big mouth is always working against her, and Emily has already slept with half of Brooklyn, rendering her pool of choice minuscule. Once they connect through a dating app called Same Same, these girls will laugh, lie and do whatever it takes to help each other navigate life in this upbeat, semi-improvised dramedy. Same Same takes an intimate look inside the lives of queer women in the 21st century, authentically examining feelings, friendship and sex.’

“As an LGBT woman in TV, it’s still surprising to me how little of the female queer experience appears on screen,” says Lauren Augarten. “When it does, it’s often relegated to minor roles, or used as a plot device rather than simply being a part of the human experience. I set about to make Same Same, in all honesty to have something relatable for myself to watch and am endlessly proud of the incredible group of people that came together to make this gorgeous and hilarious little slice of the modern queer experience that we have.”

The pilot episode Scissr has been particularly popular, amassing over a quarter of a million views and even attracting the attention of the Wachowskis, who cast actress Jamie Clayton in Sense 8 after seeing her in the series.

Prior to Same Same, Lauren Augarten, Stephanie Begg and Josh Mawer had worked in short films and behind the scenes on productions, but with the freshness, talent on show, and the popularity of the series will open up plenty of opportunities for the talented trio abroad and back in Australia.

Check out the entire season of Same Same here



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