Hacks on How to Get Verified on Instagram

February 25, 2021
The next important step for every influencer that wants to close deals with brands that will earn him a living is to get verified on Instagram. Once you are eligible and accepted for Instagram verification, a blue badge will appear next to your name, which is an element that will boost your status on the platform.

However, there are many influencers that try to get verified on Instagram and fail over and over again. This happens because they don’t meet the platform’s requirements which is to have an account that is unique, authentic, complete, and notable. From all these requirements, notability is the most difficult one to achieve as you need to prove that you are someone that other users want to imitate.

In this article, you are going to discover some tips and tricks that will boost your chances of getting the Instagram verification blue badge.

#1 Optimize your Instagram Profile

One of the platform’s requirements on how to get verified on Instagram is to have a complete account. This practically means that you must have filled in your information. Therefore, make sure that you have uploaded a profile picture, that you have written a profile bio, and that you have at least one post. Moreover, you should set your account to public as private accounts are not eligible for Instagram verification. In addition to this, remove any links to your other social media profiles as your request will get rejected.

#2 Post Regularly with a Schedule

Another thing that you need to take care of when you are trying to learn how to get verified on Instagram is that you need to always keep steady traffic on your account. To achieve this, you need to post regularly. On top of that, make sure that you post according to a schedule, which is a decisive factor in your social media success. By doing this, you will reach all of your potential audience, and your dedicated fans will always be expecting your latest content.

#3 Promote your Instagram Account on Other Social Media

One more way to get verified on Instagram is to drive traffic to your account from any other source that you can use. For example, your other social media profiles are an excellent place to promote your Instagram account and to reach even more users. Namely, a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers will help you make your account known to many users, while at the same time you are building a strong brand name of your own.

#4 Get as Many Public Mentions as you Can

One more way to boost your notability and get verified on Instagram is to get as many public mentions as you can. This can be mentioned in websites, blogs, social media posts, and even podcasts. Great ways to achieve this are to guest post on various outlets, accept to give interviews, or collaborate with other influencers. Your goal is to make your name heard by many people, which will make them want to imitate you. This a continuous endeavour that will pay off in the future.

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

#5 Increase your Posts’ Engagement

Another way to make your account as visible as possible is to create posts that have a lot of engagement. By increasing your posts’ likes, comments, shares, and saves, you guarantee that they will appear on the Explore page of a lot of users. If your content is of high quality, these users will visit your profile and follow you to see all of your upcoming posts. Therefore, invest in the proper equipment to create eye-catching images. Moreover, dedicate more time to writing captions for your posts that will excite users.

#6 Request Instagram Verification at the Right Time

A key element that can help you get verified on Instagram is to request verification at the right time. This means that you must request it when your name is the most visible. For example, if your name appears on the news, on various websites, and gets mentioned by a lot of users, then there is a high chance that you will succeed. Similarly, if you successfully launch a hashtag challenge that generates buzz around your brand, you will be one step closer to Instagram verification.

#7 Drive Traffic to your Website

One more way to prove that you are notable and should be verified on Instagram is to have an online presence that is undeniably powerful. For instance, a website with a lot of traffic needs to preserve its originality as there might be a lot of copycat accounts on the platform. For this reason, you also need to boost your website’s traffic so that it becomes one of the best ones in its niche. Instagram is a great source of traffic as you can use it to drive users where you want them.

#8 Make your Account More Visible

Instagram gives you plenty of tools that you can use to make your account as visible as possible. For example, you can use up to 30 hashtags to ensure that your posts appear in as many searches as you can. Moreover, you can boost your account by placing hashtags on your profile bio. Another feature that you need to explore is Instagram Stories that show a lot of engagement. Furthermore, don’t forget to check out Instagram Reels, Guides, and Shops, all features that make your online presence even stronger.

#9 Post at the Right Day and Time

This tip is a very useful one, especially if you want to find success on social media. Every audience is active on different days and times. Therefore, you should examine your target audience to find out when they are most likely to discover your posts. Once you find this information out, you should create your posts at this exact time to ensure high visibility.

Final Thoughts

All of the above tips and tricks will help you build an impressive Instagram account. With the investment of your time and effort, you will create a notable account and get verified on Instagram.


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