Ghost Stories Brings Anthology Horror to the Sydney Film Festival

April 17, 2018
From the stage to the screen come three tales of very British terror.

Anthology horror movies rule. Axiomatically, horror has generally always worked better in short story rather than novel form (see: King, Stephen, and Barker, Clive) and there’s something deeply satisfying about a horror short film that hits the mark hard and gets out before the dust even settles. Heck, some of the most influential brands in horror and suspense are short form: think The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, EC Comics…

Which is a long way of saying that we’re quite looking forward to Ghost Stories, the new British anthology flick that’s hitting the 65th Sydney Film Festival later this year. Drawing on the British Hammer/Amicus tradition, Ghost Stories follows expert paranormal debunker Phillip Goodman (Andy Nyman) as he investigates three cold cases that straight-up refuse to be debunked. “Superbly evoking a drab Gothic England of rising damp, peeling wallpaper, musty pubs and stale tobacco, Ghost Stories is a scary and wickedly clever fright fest that’ll give you a mountain of goosebumps. We dare you to enter this Vault of Horror!” – sounds good to us.

Written and directed by Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, Ghost Stories is adapted from their stage play of the same name, which racked up over 1000 shows during its West End run. Hit up the Sydney Film Festival site for more info and tickets.

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