Trailer: <i>Awoken</i>

Trailer: Awoken

"A young medical student attempts to cure her brother from a terminal sleep illness called Fatal Familial Insomnia, where you are unable to sleep until you die. On her quest to help him, a more sinister reason for his condition is revealed." South Australian made chiller from director Daniel J.
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Leigh Whannell: <i>The Invisible Man</i> interview

Leigh Whannell: The Invisible Man interview

We speak with the writer/director about what makes something scary, praying to the movie gods and reinventing 100+ year old monsters.
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Trailer: <i>Bad Education</i>

Trailer: Bad Education

Hugh Jackman leads an impressive cast - Allison Janney, Ray Romano, Alex Wolff and fellow Aussie Geraldine Viswanathan - in this school corruption true story for HBO.
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Trailer: <i>Measure for Measure</i>

Trailer: Measure for Measure

A new film from Paul Ireland and Damian Hill (Pawno), the latter all set to star before passing away on the first day of production. Set in Melbourne's inner city, the film is an adaptation of Shakespeare's play, and stars Hugo Weaving, Harrison Gilbertson, Megan Hajjar, Mark Leonard Winter, Daniel
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Trailer: <i>Run</i>

Trailer: Run

We've had The Good Son, Poison Ivy, The Stepfather, and now we have Run, starring Sarah Paulson as a is she/isn't she psychotic mum from the writer/director of Searching.
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Trailer: <i>Amazing Stories</i>

Trailer: Amazing Stories

Kids.... back in the '80s, your parents geeked out on an anthology series from Steven Spielberg with an amazing theme song by John Williams. Well, both are back, along with cast like Dylan O'Brien, Edward Burns, Josh Holloway, Australian Alison Bell and the late, great Robert Forster.
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Short Film of the Week: <i>Hazard</i>

Short Film of the Week: Hazard

We can't help thinking this one should have been called 'Hangman Harry', but either way, it's a brilliantly stylish exercise in filmic tension.
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Trailer - <i>The Secret: Dare to Dream</i>

Trailer – The Secret: Dare to Dream

Based on the Australian book/film, someone willed this one into existence, and it's coming to Australian cinemas on May 7, 2020
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Exclusive Scene: Laura Dundovich in <i>Me & My Left Brain</i>

Exclusive Scene: Laura Dundovich in Me & My Left Brain

Laura Dundovic, Miss Universe Australia 2008, features in this clip from the Australian rom-com written and directed by, and starring (obviously - he's in this scene) Alex Lykos, taking a lot of inspiration from Woody Allen.
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Featurette: <i>Honey Boy</i> - Turning Shia LaBeouf's Life into Art

Featurette: Honey Boy – Turning Shia LaBeouf’s Life into Art

Ahead of the cinema release of the highly anticipated feature film, check out director Alma Har'el and writer/star Shia LaBeouf discuss how they managed to turn LaBeouf's memories of his own childhood into one of the most acclaimed films of the year.
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Trailer: <i>The Hunt</i>

Trailer: The Hunt

From director Craig Zobel (Compliance), writers Nick Cuse (Watchmen series) and Damon Lindelof (Watchmen series, The Leftovers, Lost, and, um, Tomorrowland) comes a Blumhouse action thriller for those who found the social message of The Hunger Games was way too subtle.
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