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Filmink Presents: <i>Use Me</i>

Filmink Presents: Use Me

Use the opportunity to see a great film!
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Filmink Presents: <i>Hot Mess</i>

Filmink Presents: Hot Mess

Celebrate the release of the funny AF new Aussie comedy Hot Mess.
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Filmink Presents: <i>Wrinkles the Clown</i>

Filmink Presents: Wrinkles the Clown

On Digital from February 5, 2020
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FilmInk Presents: <i>Two Heads Creek</i>

FilmInk Presents: Two Heads Creek

In the outback family can be deadly.
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FilmInk Presents: <i>Locusts</i>

FilmInk Presents: Locusts

There's no place like home!
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FilmInk Presents: <i>Defend, Conserve, Protect</i>

FilmInk Presents: Defend, Conserve, Protect

Produced in Australia and successfully financed through a global crowdfunding effort, where over 750 passionate environmentalists pledged funds, Defend, Conserve, Protect took more than four years to make, and was shot across France, The Netherlands, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica.
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FilmInk Presents: <i>The Night Eats the World</i>

FilmInk Presents: The Night Eats the World

THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD to release in cinemas – May 9, 2019
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Kelly's Hollywood

Kelly’s Hollywood

Don't miss these very special screenings of a documentary with a massive heart, which may just change the way that you view the world, for the better.
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The Pretend One

The Pretend One

A wonderful new Australian film screening around Australia.
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