Filmink Presents: Burning Kiss

March 12, 2020
Steamy Australian thriller set to sizzle on digital.

Burning Kiss presents a different kind of Australia; a kind of stylish tangent world that is partially pure fantasy and probably has more in common with weird stuff like Scorpio Rising or La Piscine than Aussie classics like Wolf Creek or Chopper.” Writer/director Robbie Studsor

Brace yourself for an Aussie chiller with a difference. Boasting influences from Wake In Fright and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre through to Purple Noon, Claude Chabrol and Mario Bava, Burning Kiss is a delirious thrill-ride high on the wondrous possibilities of film itself.

The film begins six long, hard years after ex-cop-fallen-from-grace Edmond Bloom (Richard Mellick) was left crippled in a car crash that killed his wife Juliette. With the killer never caught, Edmond has burned through his days looking for clues to solve the mystery, all under the watchful eye of his damaged 20-year-old daughter, Charlotte (Alyson Walker) whom he indirectly blames for the tragedy. But when the emotionally distraught Max Woods (Liam Graham) comes knocking, Edmond’s messy life gets even messier. Max claims to be the driver of the car that put Edmond in a wheelchair and ended his wife’s life, and he’s begging for either forgiveness or punishment. But after six years of painful searching and detective work, Edmond isn’t exactly thrilled at this new development. Instead of seeking instant retribution for the past, he concocts a selfish and dangerous plan involving himself, Max and Charlotte. Guilt, desire and resentment soon boil to the surface as the plan spirals out of control.

Described by producer Megan Palinkas as “a smouldering psychodrama, etched with exotica and surrealism”, Burning Kiss redefines the boundaries of what a local thriller can and can’t do. “It’s a sexy, dangerous summer noir with hints of classic cinema,” says actor Liam Graham.

BURNING KISS is available on Apple TV, Fetch, Google Play, YouTube from April 1, 2020


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