By David Banes

Acting seemingly became a career that provides celebrity, fame and money. But when it comes to big money some of the actors have a lot of hidden desires. Sex, wild parties, hunting, or gambling are all part of many a famous actor’s life. Gambling keeps famous actors in touch with the reality and also close to normal people while providing them publicity and extra revenue.

Let’s have a short journey through some of the most famous actors’ gambling activity.

Famous Actors gambling

Charlie Sheen. Known for his extravagant lifestyle, Charlie Sheen – the main actor of Two And a Half Men – spends about $20,000 a week on sport gambling, according to his ex-wife.

Ben Affleck. The famous actor, producer, screenplay writer and movie director is known for enjoying poker and blackjack. He even won the California State Poker Championship in 2004.

Tobey Maguire. The Spider-man actor is well known for his penchant for gambling, recently coming to light again due to Aaron Sorkin’s Molly’s Game.

Matt Damon. Damon started playing poker to prepare himself for the role in Rounders.

Mischa Barton. British by birth but gaining fame in the US, Mischa is known for her glamorous lifestyle, which includes gambling.

Pamela Anderson. Known for enjoying poker, it is rumored that the once-Baywatch star got married to poker star Rick Salomon as a result of a lost bet against him.

Jennifer Tilly. She won a WSOP (World Series Of Poker) bracelet, and is also known for exceeding more than $750,000 in winnings. If you too want to get this kind of amount, you should try phone casino here.

Jason Alexander. Most famous for playing George in Seinfeld, he is alsooa regular poker player, a celebrity that never misses the chance to play on TV in WSOP main events.

Ray Romano. The famous comedian who played the main character in Everyone Loves Raymond has played poker since 2007 without missing any WSOP since.

Russell Crowe. Also a rugby league club owner, Crowe is inadvertently involved in gambling industries, with part of the club’s revenue being brought in by poker machines.

Aaron Paul. Known for his characters in Need for Speed, Breaking Bad and The Path, Paul played in charity tournaments alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. This shows that the actor is no stranger to the game.

Kevin Hart. One the most famous actors in comedy films makes Hart a pleasant presence at the table. He is a player in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas.

Kevin Pollak. The famous character actor and comedian played the Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout and lost the 1 million dollar first place prize to Vanessa Selbst.

What does gambling mean?

No matter if you are an average person, a big company CEO or a famous actor, gambling is not a caprice, but rather an entertaining and creative way of spending time. Next time when you want to play poker (for instance), think about the fact that most of the times, at the end, the same players run for the big prize. This makes poker a strategy gambling game and you can reach performance only by exercising your mind.


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