Exclusive! Aussie Thriller No Witnesses Gets a Grim, Foreboding Trailer

May 14, 2018
A need for justice spirals out of control in this new indie thriller.

Shot for a mere $25,000 with a four person crew using BlackMagic digital cameras, No Witnesses looks to be a gritty Aussie crime drama in the tradition of… well, every Aussie crime drama, really. We don’t do nice.

Written, directed, produced, edited by, and co-starring Robert Roworth, No Witnesses is the story of a home invasion gone wrong. When the troubled Arthur (Jack McAullay), still traumatised by witnessing the killing of his mother as a child, learns that a local wealthy businessman (Paul-Antony Rogers) may have gotten away with murder, he resolves to seek his own brand of justice. Recruiting accomplices, he stages a home invasion – unaware, that his intended victim’s daughter, Annalise (Taya Calder-Mason) is also home…

No Witnesses is currently being shopped around the festival circuit.



  1. Bob McAullay

    Ive been waiting for a long time for this release, when will it be.

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