Everyone Shows Up for the Avengers Infinity War Trailer

November 30, 2017
That's pretty epic.

Aw yiss.

Okay, things to ponder:

We guess Thor losing an eye in Ragnarok isn’t a spoiler any more.

Bruce Banner appears to crash through the roof of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, and he’s not around when Thor meets the Guardians it seems, so they get split up at some point.

Black Widow is a blonde and Cap is a beardo – hazarding a guess – because they’re still on the run following the events of Civil War.

Speaking of which, War Machine seems well enough to go into battle again.

Things are looking a bit grim for The Vision. Does he survive after Thanos pulls the Mind Stone out of his head? Will an Avenger fall?

Speaking of humans, we really see bugger all Hawkeye in this trailer, and rumour has it he is really gonna go through some stuff this time out.

Bruce and Natasha are reunited, which will either make you happy or annoy the hell out of you.

Tony’s got an arc rector implanted in his sternum again.

Spidey’s got the cool suit Tony wanted to give him at the end of Homecoming.

At some point, there’s a huge battle on what appears to be an alien world – unless Earth gets really trashed this time out.

April 25, folks – well ahead of the Us May 4 release date.

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