Essie Davis will Return as Miss Fisher in a New Movie Trilogy

January 16, 2017
Melbourne's crime-solving flapper is moving up in the world.

Jazz Age detective Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) will return, following the announcement that the acclaimed television series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, will make the jump to the big screen in a planned trilogy of movies.

Based on the books by Kerry Greenwood, the series follows the exploits of the titular PI in 1920s Melbourne, combining mystery, history, and Australian culture in a heady cocktail that has won legions of fans. Imagine an Antipodean Nora Charles (The Thin Man) after she’s divorced Nick and taken all his money, and you’re on the right track.

Speaking to the The Daily Telegraph, producer, Fiona Eagger, said, “We want it to be like the Indiana Jones movies. We might not have Steven Spielberg’s budget but that is what she is – an action hero. She’s got to be able to fly the world. It could be ‘Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears’ so she has to go to Arabia. We’d love to go to India. We have fun thinking about the destinations.”

Production is expected to kick off in the tail end of 2017, and may we suggest Essie Davis’ better half, Justin Kurzel as director? Now that would be a trip.



  1. Kay

    It just seems that we need a season 4 and possibly 5 in order to bring Phyrne and Jack together! Season 3 just leaves you hanging!

  2. Jodib

    I found an article from the Sydney Herald(?) that season 4 has been put on ice, Essie Davis landed a role on Game of Thrones. I haven’t seen it on any channels, but just watched season 3 on netflix, if that is available to you.

    1. B. McBride

      I was looking forward to seeing her in Thrones, her part lasted 10 minutes. Dumb.

  3. Cazz

    I just can’t see why the popular series never continued. Having got us all hooked it just stopped. Bring the series back – PLEASE!!!

  4. Kate

    I agree with all the above comments. I fell in love with the series and can’t wait to see the next series or a movie, whichever comes first. I was so thrilled to see Phryne and Jack finally get together, then nothing. Please bring us more “Miss Fisher” soon!!!

  5. Ron Stark

    Miss Fisher must remain Miss Fisher if she is to fascinate and delight us all. Indeed, Jack is just inside her reach but he too must maintain his station.
    Three motion pictures is a tall order for Ms. Davis. Perhaps their success will encourage return to the series beat. Its charming albeit stressful to make. Ms. Fisher is a fine vehicle and I too and hoping there’s more in the pipeline.

  6. Gigi

    Surely we won’t be denied Series 4….it’s just getting good! What a travesty it would be to leave us hanging just when Jack and Phryne are falling in love!!

  7. Linda

    Will Nathan Page be co staring with her. The chemistry between them.

  8. Carol

    How can there be no mention of the totally amazing costuming Ms. Davis wears in the series. It leaves me mesmerized. Alas poor Dot needs a tad of spiffing up.

  9. Linda

    I love this series,all the characters, fashions and most of all the incredible
    Miss Fisher . More, more,more! I hope there will be more delightful
    Plots of this engaging. series.

    1. Mary Kallas

      I have pics pf my mom’s wardrobe in the 20’s. (I’m 92) She wore her hair like Phryne except it was a little shorter and closer to her head. Same type hats.

  10. Jean

    I’m marthon watching miss Fisher murder mysterious, what an awesome series with a wonderful leading lady – also enjoy all the characters! Agree with Linda, just love the fashions of this time!

  11. Sheila Surkes Scotti

    I would like the series to continue ….need them to solve more mysteries together…..too soon to end…I.. live in West Hollywood,CA …would love to see a few of the series to be shot here..

  12. Celia Weiss

    I saw one episode and was hooked. I saw the three seasons on Netflix in 3 days, nonstop. I love the time period and the stories. Great fun to watch what Miss F will get into next.

    1. Melanie

      I too was hooked after the 1st episode. Now I have my 84 year old Mother hooked. We are almost finished with season 3. We need another 2 or 3 seasons. I know we will enjoy the movie too. From Montana

  13. Zaida Santas

    Please bring back Phryne Fisher. I am hook on this seties snd looming for season 4.

  14. Donna Fischer

    I happened upon the series on Netflix a few months ago and have watched all three seasons twice. One of the best series I have seen in a long time. I am captivated by the strong character in the 20s and the role model she could be too many of that generation. It makes one reflect on the progress we have made in society and how blessed we are to be living at this time. The costumes are absolutely stunning. Some of the fashions should come back especially the Jewelry. Such elegance. The characters were well developed over time and the series hopefully will come back to continue the lives of these people and entertain us all

  15. Patrick De Bruycker

    une tres belle femme, une actrice merveilleuse, de magnifiques robes et chapeaux, de jolis decors et une plus à chaque fois une belle histoire. Mes félicitations. J’adore “Miss Fisher” et surtout … Essie Davis!

  16. Fe

    First time in my life to really admire a beautiful and very talented Essie Davies. We watch the whole series in Netflix. She bacame my favorite of all time. I am so sad that the series ended. Now I am searching all the shows thar she is in. Thanks Miss Fisher.

  17. Alec Smith

    Totally agree with all comments.Essie is a beautiful and very talented actress and literally owns the title character.I too have binged watched all three series.If you can excuse the pun,it would be a crime to end it here,although im very exited about the prospect of three films.Essie,Isincerely wish you all the luck in the world.

  18. admiral lobell

    Please do not bring Jack and Miss Fisher together- Keep the magnetism and the tension as is. There’s a graveyard for series where the two characters got together and died- Scarecrow and Mrs. King is one that comes to mind

  19. Christine Brumbaugh

    Can’t understand why they stopped the series. I too want to see another season so Jack and Miss Fisher can get together.

  20. bef

    Found Miss Fisher accidentally because I was too tired to get up to find the remote to switch the channel. Have been hooked ever since. Phryne and Jack are perfect as they are —- to bring them together would kill the bantering and I think end the chemistry.

  21. Sharon Barbour Casarez

    I agree I love the series I look forward to the movies and I hope their will be a season 4 and more.

  22. Luanna Cole

    I love the series, the characters, the costumes, the cars, and last but not least, the writing. It is rare when everything comes together, and it does in this series. Essie Davis is outstanding. I want to see more of this series.

  23. Tammy Jones

    More! More! More! Love Miss Fisher! The characters, the sets, cars, and chemistry is great. I love the costumes.
    The designer is a genius. Fourth season, please!

  24. Madame Giry

    Aside from the praise for Essie Davis’ Phrynie Fisher, with which I concur, Nathan Page also deserves kudos for his sensitive portrayal of her “straight man.” I have been so impressed by his nuanced facial expressions and love his gravelly voice, especially when he gets emotional!

    If done right a successful series continuation is possible. Instead of simply shifting focus to the cases, with a shut down on the relationship, such as was done in with Moonlighting way back when, there is still a lot to be explored with Jack and Phrynie’s relationship. She cannot simply drop her shallow habit of one night stands; she has to gradually recognize that true love trumps that behavior. Jack also has to have a more physical relationship with her, but being a gentleman and a true romantic, he doesn’t just jump into bed with her, opting to woo her instead. Marriage may be the ultimate goal, to show how love changes her self concept and his trust. Jack could eventually get killed off to force her to process what he meant to her. It is hard for me to imagine that Jack would ever devolve to shallowness, though. In the meantime, the two of them would continue the flirtation and the fun of solving mysteries, with the help of Dot, Hugh, Mr. Butler and the rest.

  25. Renee

    This show is one of the best I’ve ever followed in the murder mystery genre. The Jazz Age Era has always been one of my favorites. The entire cast, especially Ms. Essie Davis and Mr. Nathan Page, have a wonderful chemistry and do an excellent job of bringing each episode to realistic life. Even the sets and clothing make each episode seem truly real time as they are so beautiful and fashionable. I commend the writers for the brilliant story lines keeping the plots full of suspense, romance and fun. Looking forward to Season 4!

  26. Alicia Dumas-Pace

    Please come back, Miss Fisher. I just love it. I watch it on Sunday night. I need it to start my week. Please contact me when there are more, or a movie. Please let it return. There are shows on that are not half as good as Miss Fisher. Thank you Essie for your style and class.

  27. DK Campbell

    Love everything about this show.. The costumes are outstanding! Miss Fishers clothes have such a beautiful flow to them. So wish the series will continue. Each character is perfectly cast. Hope each and everyone of the main characters will be in the movie trilogy’s.

  28. Margo Slaughter

    Discovered this series a month ago while recuperating from pneumonia and watched it twice! Hated to see the end! Will the three films be for general release?

  29. Norma ketr

    Will the movies be released in the U. S.? Because those are the only movies I plan on going to the theatre to see. I love miss Fisher, and Essie Davis, Nathan Page and that whole cast from the show are awesome actors.
    I would rather watch that show then any of them here at home.

    1. Vicky Grant

      Please give Miss Phrynie back on Netflix! We need that great show!!

  30. Miss K N Cooper

    Hi all, I to discovered Miss Fisher whilst being unwell, needless to say, I thought it was the best therapy you could ask for……………
    Absolutely fabulous entertainment, I’m in awe of Miss Fisher, amazing character, & the chemistry between her & Jack is tantalizing, she’s all woman. Hypothetically speaking, I don’t think Jack could keep up with the alluring, {sexy} Miss Fisher, but it’s fun watching the effect she has on him. Bravo Essie Davis..👏

  31. Millie

    Hi all, I to discovered Miss Fisher whilst being unwell, needless to say, I thought it was the best therapy you could ask for……………
    Absolutely fabulous entertainment, I’m in awe of Miss Fisher, amazing character, & the chemistry between her & Jack is tantalizing, she’s all woman. Hypothetically speaking, I don’t think Jack could keep up with the alluring, {sexy} Miss Fisher, but it’s fun watching the effect she has on him. Bravo Essie Davis..👏

  32. Margaret Watson

    I love the show I love the location I love the actresses and actors are all wonderful the clothes the houses the era itself I’m in love with this series please don’t say it’s over

  33. Alice K

    Found the show on Netflix- am a huge fan!! Agree we need season 4&5!!!

  34. Connie Cooke

    I concur with all of the above great comments about this marvelous show. I discovered it by accident and just love it. I got my hubby hooked on the show, too! I’m excited about the prospect of movies, and I, too, hope they will be released in the USA. We really need smart, fun, attractive movies here! Please, please, please don’t end the series, and don’t dangle the prospect of movies and then not deliver.

  35. Diane Delgado

    An absolutely mesmerizing series. I found it on Netflix here in the U.S. and binge watched it daily. Can’t wait to see more. Bring on more Please!

  36. Patricia Harvey

    I’m addicted to this programme either on Alibi or Drama channels even the repeats of repeats… Please series 4 now!!!!! Frustrated of London UK.

  37. Christopher Sands

    To all of the fans who wish that it weren’t over, you DO know that it’s based on a book series? And not all of the shows were based on a book in the series, and not all of books were made into shows.
    i was delighted when i watched the first episode – Essie Davis looks exACTly the the Kerry Greenwood, the author, describes Miss Fisher. The other characters are nicely fleshed out (although MY Tony is MUCH more handsome),plus, if you’re REALLY jonesing for Miss Fisher, the books fill you in on some of Phrynne’s backstory. All in all, a very good thing!

  38. Elizabeth Kubicki

    Love the show all actors are great. Were there only 8 shows in season 3? The up in the air end can stand. one can make their own ending of if and when they get together again. Just love the facial reactions of Fisher and Jack. Miss Willams and Collens are also great faces to watch as are the costumes and settings, and other main charactors. Watched all three series on netflix and am starting series again

  39. June

    Movies. OMG. Would be fabulous but if she’s traveling the world Jack absolutely has to show up at some point keeping their tantalizing romance alive. PLEASE!

  40. Big_D

    Just when the going gets good they have to muck it up with a full on romance. I’ve lost count of the number of decent series screwed up like that. Just leave it at the will they/wont they? stage. So much better like that. Look at how Loise & Clark went downhill after they “got together” and others.
    If they get together properly it will kill the show. It will never be the same again. It can’t be.

  41. JoAnn Cohen

    My girlfriend hooked me on Miss Fischer. I watched it every week until the end of Season 3 and wound up buying the 3 seasons on DVD. I love the pants look of the 20’s having a closet full of them. PLEASE SEASON 4 so we know if Jack follows her and how her life gets more involved. What about Dorothy (now a Mrs) and Mr. Butler.

  42. Barbara G Louise

    We must all remember that shows are not made to satisfy the desires of the audience. They are made to MAKE MONEY. Period. Considerations of art, culture, human interaction, romance, fun, etc mean nothing. Nothing exists, these days on earth, as far as the capitalists are concerned, unless it makes money. It is a wonder that love, Art, and simple human decency can exist inside such a world-throttling belief-system that MONEY IS EVERYTHING, nothing else is important at all. I too hope that the success and popularity of the TV series will lead to movies. But that all depends ONLY on whether some capitalists believe the movies are worth investing in. Our desires as fans, means nothing.

  43. Amy Tyger

    the best mystery series that I have seen in a long time….. please make more… now off to read the books!!

  44. Linda

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the plots, the actors, the sets, the costumes! Essie Davis is so perfect for the role. Completely enjoyable and in a class of it’s own. I’d would love to see a Season 4. But in the meantime, I’m hooked on reading the books!

  45. Belinda

    Please continue to season 4 and 5 at least. There are several plot lines that fans would like to see where things end such as the relationship between Miss Fisher and Det. Jack Robinson and also Dot and Hugh,. I have adored the series fantastic story lines and immense detail in keeping it try to the period.

    1. Author
      Dov Kornits

      The film is coming out in February next year, so hopefully will tie things up for you, Belinda.

  46. Nancy

    The original Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries is so popular. The cast is fantastic. Phryne and Jack. I never tire of the episodes. Please continue the series.

  47. Mandy Liston

    I have started this series for the 5th time. I adore this series and have only enjoyed one other as much, Midsummer Murders. BUT Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries are the best. I wish I could wear some of her clothes and drive her car. So much fun to think about. Such a strong character. I look forward to series 4 and 5. Also the movies.

  48. Linda Porta

    It is now 2021 and I have heard nothing regarding a new show from this great group of people. I look at Dot and see a beautiful woman and I think she has not been given her head to bring her character into the wonderful one that it could be. What can be said for Essie Davis? She is absolutely stunning. Jack needs more room to grow also. The places these characters could go are only limited to how far the writers are willing to go. But please give us more. Oh yes, the theme song is the neatest 20’s tune you could have. Yes, more please!!

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