This is the This is Desmondo Ray! Trailer

August 16, 2017
"I would like to confess that I am lonely, with love to offer."

Brave are the lonely in This is Desmondo Ray!, a new Australian six part web series by acclaimed filmmaker Steve Baker, spinning out of his 2013 short of the same name. The series has already picked up its first festival award, taking home Best Web Series at the Chain NYC Film Festival, and it sure to garner more going forward.

Mixing bleak humour with a trenchant dose of sweet melancholy, the series follows the titular hapless hero, aged 33 and three quarters, as we delve into the whimsical imaginary world he has created for himself – and the painful truths that world hides. Told in a striking mix of animation and live action, it’s a singular vision of innocence struggling to survive in a dark and uncaring universe – and it’s quite funny to boot.

“What makes this series stand out is how it refused to follow the trend of so many other online projects,” says producer Leanne Tonkes. “Meaning, we didn’t want to make this fast-paced and loud simply because we’re told the online audience has less patience. Steve has created a challenging character with an emotional resonance that intertwines humour, heart, and a little darkness. It’s also rare to see such a high production value for an online series. We wanted our audience to be engrossed by the craftsmanship that combines live action, animation, and miniatures to create a truly unique world.”

All six episodes are currently online, so shoot over to the official site to check ’em out.


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