Dan Ewing is the Last Man on Earth in 1

March 13, 2018
Dan Ewing clocks up some "me' time in this new Aussie indie SF effort.

Plot details on this upcoming sci-fi drama from director Robert Braiden have been scant, and the moody, impressionistic teaser released this week does little to help matters, so let’s go to the official synopsis and see what we can glean:

“‘In all things there has to be a first, and there has to be a last.

“The invasion was quick, efficient and without remorse. The human race was wiped out within days. But, one man was left…

“A man sets out on a lone, dangerous journey to make amends for the life he has led.

“It is the ultimate human journey, one played out against the backdrop of the end of history. Yet amongst this devastation the man finds hope and the promise of forgiveness.”

This is territory that has been traveled before, from Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend and its various screen incarnations, to the New Zealand SF classic The Quiet Earth, to the recent existential comedy series The Last Man on Earth. Can Braiden, Ewing, and co. – including Watch the Sunset‘s Tristan Barr (producing) and Damien E. Lipp (shooting) – do something new in this space? We’ll find out when 1 is released later this year.

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