Dan Ewing to Headline Two Major Upcoming Aussie Sci-Fi Films

July 17, 2017
Which would you rather survive: the terror of multiple alien invasions or Summer Bay? Dan Ewing can probably help you decide.  

After hitting the big time on the small screen as Home and Away’s Heath Braxton, Australian actor Dan Ewing will deal with dramas of a different kind as new sci-fi thriller 1 begins production in Queensland this week.

Written and to be directed by Robert Braiden, 1 will tell the story of reckless car hoon Darren (Ewing), whose life is going nowhere fast, while his adoring girlfriend Misha (NJ Price) dreams of Darren doing something more meaningful with his life. When Darren causes a car crash that injures Misha, she decides to leave, and now alone and guilt ridden, Darren is forced to confront his behaviour until the arrival of an alien invasion throws his life into chaos as humanity is quickly wiped out. His love for Misha compels him to begin a long and dangerous journey to find her, and along the way he must survive alone in the wild, battle his guilt, and stay one step ahead of the alien ships that relentlessly search for him.

Excited for his upcoming project, which seems to be a very human look into the ideas of loss and loneliness AND promise some pretty terrifying aliens, Braiden said of the film, “1 is unique in that it truly shows the very last person on earth – literally no one else is left. Films such as The Quiet Earth, I Am Legend, and The World, The Flesh and The Devil all hint that they are last-person-on-earth films, yet all end up introducing other characters. 1 is different. From the action and dangerous excitement of high-speed racing to the quiet and solitude of the natural world, 1 will be a profoundly moving and powerful look at life, love, destiny and being able to let go of the material world in order to find new truths.”

Having starred in last year’s Aussie monster flick Red Billabong (check out our review of it here), Ewing seems to be forging something of a name for himself in independent sci-fi, with his upcoming film Occupation currently in post-production, made by the same team behind Red Billabong, SparkeFilms.

Starring an incredible ensemble including Temuera Morrison (Star Wars), Stephany Jacobson (Battlestar Galactica) and Charles Mesure (Once Upon a Time), Occupation will follow a group of small town residents as they struggle to survive an alien invasion, working together for their opportunity to fight back. The film secured some key international sales at the recent Cannes film market based on the first two weeks of footage, and Pinnacle Films is giving it a 2018 Australian theatrical release.


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