Controversial Cannibal Movie Raw Opens Monster Fest

September 16, 2016
Put the paramedics on standby.

Okay, gorehounds, how tough are you really? Monster Fest has announced that this year’s opening night film will be Raw, the notorious cannibal saga that provoked fainting and walk-outs when it played at Toronto International Film Festival.

The French-language film, from director Julia Ducournau, follows a young vegetarian veterinary student (Garance Marillier) who, after being forced to eat rabbit organs during a hazing ritual, develops a taste for human flesh. What follows is a dark tale of sexual awakening and carnivorous obsession, filled with what reports say are disturbingly realistic scenes of anthropophagy. Described as “a coming-of-age tale with a cannibal theme that’ll appeal to genre buffs and cinephiles alike,” it’s won rave reviews is currently sitting on 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Monster Pictures is the Australian license holder of Raw and will release it in March, 2017.

Neil Foley of Monster Pictures said, “This is absolutely one of the greatest genre films I’ve seen in my time at Monster, it references many of the masters, from Argento to Carpenter to Cronenberg, but remains a completely unique and fresh take on the genre. It’s simultaneously harrowing and beautiful, and is probably our most exciting acquisition to date.”

Monster Fest runs at Melbourne’s Lido Cinema from November 24 – 27. For more info, hit up the official site.


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